Monday, December 7, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Boom!


IT'S INDEPENDANCE DAY FOR ME!!! I just finished my major finals and is officially out of high school! So happy now that it's hard for me to express it fully. Feel like just laughing out loud for no reason. Woohoo!

And oh, after looking at the pictures above, you don't have to guess what happened to the textbooks and workbooks.

I'll be back updating here and will more frequently! *dives onto my bed and snore away!

P.s. : Just ignore the title by the way.

P.p.s. : And please, let my brains breathe a little while more before i start getting the creative juice comin'. :)


Cath J said...

Congrats!!!!!! ^_^

Have Fun girl.. ^_^

Bacolod and BeyondJourney said...

I guess you were enjoying while having fireworks... blessings!
Thanks for the visit.

SJB said...


Yen said...

Wow, thats good congrats .. celebrate your Independence and that you have finished all your school works.=)

SJ said...

yeah tat's great..nice shots..btw tat's not family's dslr..ours is canon punya..cheaper one for bginner..

A smile from SJ =)

vialentino said...

wah...very nice fireworks....

Manju said...

ooohh holidays huh!lol did you burn those textbooks? haha
so any big holiday plans??

Mabel Low said...

Cath J ; Oh yeah! Having fun i am!

SJB ; I like them too.

Bacolod and Beyond ; I am enjoying even without the fireworks! XD

Yen ; Yeah, no need to touch any school work any more:S

SJ ; Ooo... Your dream SLR then? Hehe.

Vialentino ; Nice leh.. Heheeh. Burn from what you know?

Manju ; I wish i could! But too bad, school punya:P
Gonna chill out for now then start working maybe in Jan ;)


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