Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's The Eighth So Far

I seriously can't believe i managed to finish this! I've been so busy lately, having myself often out of the house. When i thought i could finally settle down and rest my head, my naps turned into brainstorming sessions for this header design.

If you think designing a header is an easy job, i solute you!

Actually, i wouldn't say it's very difficult. As long as you have the idea and the rough picture of what you want it all to be, it would ease things a bit. But if you were to start from scratch, man, you'll have to dig real hard to get the idea that favours you (e.g. browsing through flickr for hours!). What to do, it's the only way (the fastest way) to get the juice flowin'.

This was the very first one that i designed. Took me God-knows-how-many hours. So simple right? That's why i liked it. I got myself the inspiration from some designing books. They had some really neat designs, which til today i still wonder how they did it!

Click on the images for a larger view. If not, use the "ctrl" and "+" to magnify your view.

Of course, i started making more headers after that. Kinda sparked an interest in me.

Notice the santa hat? Same one as the one on my header now. No harm recycling stuffs y'know.

I remembered the time i fancied blue so much. Navy blue. And because a header tells so much about both the blog and the blogger, i made myself this!

What do you think? The words at the background (if you notice) links to the stuffs i had in my blog. Nah, i didn't have origami in my blog. The paper plane... er.. i fancied it, that's all.

This, my friend, is designed because I'm a Chinese. Duh. And since I'm not the very cina sort, there's no chinese words on it. But got chinese ancient (fake) coins good enough lah! Very bright right? ( Yellow = money. Red = angpao. Hehe )

The valentine header was kinda gloomy though. But i still liked it. Many preferred the one before, the cina one. I can't remember how much time i spent on this one but it was definitely more than the one before. Tiring...

So, i went back to simple deco. Yup, fancied chocolates. Very much.

Maybe it was because i was dry in ideas (which explains why the tree is botak/ bare?). Just like the weather, ideas come very unexpectedly. My brain suddenly skipped. My heart beats again!

"Marbelous". Don't ask me why the title. This design is still my favourite. The photo shoot was damn fun. Hilarity and wittiness each played a role in this header. And more of all, my readers loved it!

When i first began with this header, the only things i had in mind was "so what". Then i thought, "So what what??" Luckily, i score well filling in the blanks and i mended my broken heart - the birth of a dSLR in my hands is no more. Argh, brush brush.. don't think don't think!

But turns out, it's true. No one can stop me from being such a jolly photographer. No one!

As always, I'd really want to hear what you have to say about my header. So feed me with your comments please! And remember to complete the poll on the right, thanks! Now, time to rest my head!

P.s. I haven't been visiting blogs lately because i'm so caught up with outdoor activities. Will get in touch with you awesome people real soon! And when i say soon, i mean it! (But it's not like this instant-second-soon lah). Just let me rest my head first.T,T

P.p.s. Kelly, yours will be ready soon ;) Be ready!!


Yen said...

Wow, You had a promising career in graphic designing. This is one of my frustration in the net. I wanted to know how to edit and put designs on my own page. Well, the mind is willing but my schedule kills my ambition.=(

Happy holiday in advance mabel.

Nikel Khor said...

nice design ya..

Shingo T said...

Nice job, Mabel.

Aspiring graphic or website designer? ^_^

vialentino said...

wow...chun lah ur banner ler! wah, u recently busy with outdoor activities...nice! make sure post some pics and share with us yeah

Mabel Low said...

Yen ; I did intend to go into the field of designing, but hesitated. Thought it isn't so stable. So i guess will be moving on in accountancy, and self learn designing (treat it as a hobby only lah~) :S

Well, all the best to you! And happy holidays to you in advance too^^

Nikel Khor ; Thanks:)

Shingo T ; I think if anyone would wan to hire me for this, there'll be loads of graphic designers on the steetsXD If i can be a trainee, i'd be damn happy!

vialentino ; Yup so many things to post here!! XD Can't wait to share with you guys!

reanaclaire said...

hi Mabel..thanks for coming by my bloggie.. yes, u r very creative.. i dare not touch mine yet .. cos it might end up disastrously or not having one at all.. hahaa...

Jerine said... header!!!

dont put the cina one lah. don't suit you at all. but i agree the one with lots of mini you is the best.

crazywrazy said...


Manju said...

I LOVE it!!!!! the holiday design is awesomeness ^_^
and you look so cute in the sidebar picture :)

vialentino said...

at least u got change ur layout...i think my blog never change the layout and even the banner ...u motivate me to change for 2010 one...

Mabel Low said...

reanaclaire ; Aww.. wouldn't harm just trying right?

Jerine ; I may attempt another mini mabel design. But see what's my theme first. As for the cina one, i don't quite like it also. Dunno why others give a thumbs up for that :S

crazywrazy ; You knew it. *winks*

Manju ; Wah... you actually noticed the sidebar picture. Haha. Didn't thought anyone would. XD

Valentino ; I think one thing not so good bout changing header is, those who didn't tag me wouldn't recognise my blog the next time they visit me after the change:P
But if you're not bothered bout that, just go ahead! ;D Have fun!!

zzkang said...

like all your design...

are u using adobe illustrator for all your design???

Mabel Low said...

Zzkang ; Thanks mate! Nope. Still learning how to use that actually. Was using Photoimpact to create those. ;)

Kelly said...

hehe nice knowing that you still remember me! don't worry i'll be patient :)

zzkang said...

yeah...photoimpact is easier to use...during uni time...i used photoimpact for all my booklets editing...great software!!


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