Saturday, December 12, 2009

Design or Not

This is it! Fellow rangers you can stop bugging me for this update now. But even if i don't blog it up here, you guys can still check it out in our 2009 school magazine. Yes! It will be published in the school magazine!!

What's that i'm talking about?? This.......

Usually every year each uniform unit has to hand in a page or two with pictures or whatsoever on the pages. Self designed, unless you have enough money to hire me a designer to do the job. Angelyn, being the unit leader, gave me the honours to help out 4th Unit Rangers with the page. What we didn't know was this year there was actually no pages allocated for any units. Which means that what i've designed... cannot be used!

Of course with me around, nothing is impossible. Hehe. There was only one way to do it, which was to thicken my face skin and go to the discipline teacher - who was in charge of this magazine project. Imagine, debating on this matter with the debate teacher. Sure kalah lah!

She's like the white witch in the school. She casts spells of literature on her students and leave them with tangled minds. The sight of her sometimes brings goosepimples and probably the only way to avoid getting mental blue blacks, just put on a serious face. I was one of them, and the face works. Haha! (I hope she's not reading this!)

But nah, she's a great teacher. Know her better and you'll agree with me. So never trust on first impressions, they're dangerous.

Anyway, to cut things short (yeah i always cut short things), we managed to get a slot for our page considering that our gathering held this year was a school event since this sort of thing is only done 4years once in our school. So yeah, good for us.

So this was the design, a two paged design.

Can't see properly? Nah, view them one by one. If not, click to view the enlarged version.

When it comes to designing, there is often rejection involved. Either the concept isn't according to what is supposed to be, or it's the design that's the matter. In my case, it was neither.

From supposedly two pages to be owned by us, the space shrinked to half a page. Half a page!!! What can you put in half a page!?! Just put five pictures, and it all will be full!

I just feel like not bothering about anything. Haih. But if i just give up like that, i wouldn't be named Mabel. Rushing through in one night, i managed to finish lah. Heh.

What hard work. All my sweat and blood is on this design. So if this page don't turn up in the magazine, she's gonna get it. (I hope i'm joking) Well, this is a short post. Will be working on more posts for you as soon as i finish sorting out the pictures into my new pendrive. Hehe. So happy lah just by mentioning i've got extra space now!

Talking about design, should i design a new header for Christmas? I hate it when i have to change it again for Chinese New Year:( But i already have a design in my head. What do you think?


Superman said...

Nice works! Sometimes it is really fun to read school magazine. But for my school magazine, that is long long time ago. Miss taking the class photos session.

SJ said...

thou im not in but i cant wait to see

A smile from SJ =)

Angelyn said...

OMG those were the designs before??? Damn the white witch! Haha, well our half page is not bad though. Hee

Eva said...

My jaw literally dropped looking at both the original and our half page. You never fail to W.O.W me ( and I believe everyone else too) with your masterpieces. :D Beyond awesome! And yeah, white witch needs a life.

Cath J said...

So great now a days can design school magazines with photoshop..hahaha... last time.. I have to draw every design with using my artistic hand (ah-hem.. ;-p).. Sigh must look out for it if still exist.. LOL..

Good job!

Shingo T said...

I like your header pic, very cool.

Modify the xmas design pic to something more generic enough to put there till even after xmas?

HenRy LeE ® said...

lol... so funny...
like the big headed concept for school mag... good one!

Nikel Khor said...

wah..such nice editing

Mabel Low said...

Superman ; Fun indeed! Wonder how does the magazines of your time would look like??

SJ ; I'm excited too!

Angelyn ; What to do. Some things just can't be helped:( But well, at least can enjoy 'em here. Haha.

Eva ; She has a life y'know. Like seriously! *wonders how many places did you traveled already!*
Glad the pages load well here. Was a bit worried at first :S

Cath J ; I personally think drawing is way nicer and easier lor. I love drawing too, that's why. XD

Shingo T ; Hmm... means no specific theme? Unless i put all sorts of celebrations throughout the year, all in one header. Lol. A calender perhaps. XD

Henry Lee ; Haha! You noticed the big heads! XD Was afraid it wasn't obvious enough.


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