Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random Update

I've been away for quite awhile, really sorry for that. But i believe some of you there too are away right? Which makes us equal... Hehe. I haven't been lazying around you know. And I've got proof!


Actually i didn't manage to burn them, so no, i didn't use them to shoot out the fireworks here.

It would have been more exciting if that was possible right? despite the fact that we could burn ourselves down as well.

I'm not sure why but i wasn't in the mood for group pictures.

Seriously, no mood man. Maybe it was the heat. Or because it was the time of the month. *shrugs


I'm gonna keep my hair long. As for JuEan, she had her hair ironed straight.

See the poster at the back? I like!


When girls think of December, they'll think of sales. But no, i didn't get to buy much... cause mum didn't come along. So lessen of the day, always bring your mum along when you go shopping. *winks


I was actually a wee bit late in hunting for jobs. I heard that some already had their names listed in the month of November. Lucky me, i found a vacancy in a bead shop.

The pay is rather low but I'll be given craft lessons (for free) while getting paid. In other words, I get paid to learn. How awesome is that, tell me!

Soon, I'll be able to do better than this:


I've never bowled before til the day a sudden invitation popped and it went, "Hey Mabel, tonight we're going bowling." I don't remember accepting the invitation - or was there a choice? I went anyway.

The experience wasn't too bad. I had a few strikes even though i didn't know how i got them. But yeah, it was good.

At least there were people who taught me how to play. But he played in an odd way too.

"Win or lose, just have fun lah."


Very nice home-cooked buffet dinner followed by an unexpected event of carol singing.

Nicely sang, but I'm English educated :(


Oh i will never forget this day when i held the gadget that I've always dreamt of holding. Not only holding, but using it also!

More on this, i promise. Meanwhile just keep guessing.


Very random dinner with a crazy bunch. Hilarity was all over the table, making dinner more delicious!

Also bumped into some of my schoolmates who sat right opposite. Don't think some of them noticed.


But very unexpectedly, the sunny day turned cloudy. My uncle passed away on the 28th.


And this will happen tonight!! No pictures yet!

So yeah, i have been really really busy and you just gotta pardon me. In return, I'll give you this:

Look! There are words on the fish!!

If that wouldn't work, ok lah, we go makan!

Otherwise, we just go jalan-jalan kay?

Buzz me if you do!

Compared To Last Year

I know most people often look back in history, highlighting the events that has occurred in their lives. Similarly, i do it too. Unfortunately, some of my memory units are fading off and will never come back. That's the reason why i like taking photographs for they not only help dig out my memories within, but they assist others also whom i share the pictures to.

Then your senses start to come to live. It's like you're back in time for a moment. You hear the children running around and you smile in annoyance(?).

You remember the people you've met. The familiar faces of people you don't know.

And the bonds that existed between us just in a few days. Now, you miss them.

James, Hansel, Leam, Nicky, Jonathan, David.

I guess other than photographs, keeping in touch is important as well.

Your face muscles start to react when a short glimpse of hilarity flashes through your mind.

Justin, Benjamin, Paul, Joel, Julian plus Nicholas & Hansel at the back.

You miss the time when you got to catch up with your family.

Yes, I'm their niece. And my youngest uncle is two years younger than me.

The drama.

How you met a new friend.

Remembering the inside jokes.

And perhaps some not so good memories.

I had no idea why they posed this way.

This is probably why of the main reasons why i keep the pictures going here. For my 2010 resolution, i will go on releasing the shutter and bloat you guys up.

My favourite picture of the batch. Haha.

Because i know, at the end of the day, i will own some smiles!

* * * *

Actually i took these pictures last year and i accidentally left these behind. So had to post 'em up now. Didn't know why i insisted on posting them up actually. Hehe. Sorry ya, this is really very not updated.

Anyway, if you happen to be going to Cameron Highlands this new year or the coming holidays, they not to go to this hotel.

They don't have much places for shopping. There is one that i found but....

I seriously don't understand what the captions on the shirt are trying to say. You tell me.

Despite the flaws, Cameron Highlands is still a nice place to go. Your camera would love it!

You'll get healthy food in cheap prices.

In massive amount.

And a huge size!

Check out the places i went here. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's A Concert!

Seriously didn't expect the holidays to be keeping me away from the net for awhile. Good thing i can still find some gap in between my almost-packed schedule to blog about something.

I bet you guys out there are having a great time roaming round the world or something. Be it by plane, by the wheels or just surfing across the globe, i unfortunately only got to go to Ipoh. Wait a minute, I'm staying in Ipoh which means.... Bah, no special trip for me. Except for yesterday's crazy sales in Jusco for members' day, there was some undefined specialness for me. Not gonna go further on that cause... no pictures mah. Behold, the element of lying.

Even though I'm stuck here, it's amazing that i personally got to meet so many people from other countries! I'll tell you how i did it, or rather, what happened.

Oh yeah, i can multitask.

There was an annual combined camp held in my church a couple of weeks ago and unlike every other year when the Singapore Christian Fellowship, Kuala Lumpur Christian Chapel and Ipoh Christian Chapel members would gather in places like Penang, Melaka , Cameron Highlands, etc. they decided to have it in Ipoh this year. All because ICC moved to a new building. A big one (click here to see for yourself). And also planned on having a grand opening. So instead of going to Port Dickson this year, which i was so looking forward to since i miss the beach so much, the plan shifted to next year.

Julian & SzeWei. Oh yeah, they too can multitask.

Okay lah, don't be least excited just because i didn't have any beach pictures to feed you all. I was also quite disappointed to not be able to feed my camera with such scenery. But people, the pictures that I'm gonna display won't be seen in even the most beautiful beach scenery ever! Why, you ask? 'Cause it's indoors. :P

I know i said i hate taking indoor pictures due to the lack of light, making things more difficult. Plus, in this event i was told that i usage of flash is not allow. Even worse. But i still tried my best. And this is my proof that i have been doing my homework.

Playing around with different modes. Ta-Daa!

Other than fellowship-ping, i believe the most must-do thing among the youths (especially) is cam whoring. No camera? Use your phone. Phone no camera? Never mind, just smile and be in another's lens.

Alex and his phone, KevinYap, JulianKong, Paul, dunnowho'sbehindhim & Justin's head at the front.

I didn't do much of portrait shots because i was simply not in my best moods. Probably because i was walking up and down the stairs in my 2inch heels.

Pretty girls dari Indonesia.

Even kids like them like to be shot. There are some among us that prefer to 'protect themselves'.

HoeYin & SzeWei. "Please, don't shoot me!"

I still haven't got to upgrade myself with a dSLR, which means i only specialise in I'm still a pns user. Unlike these two... *drools...

Only they can use the flash mode. I think if they hadn't used that mode, it still would have looked ten times better!

Sometimes, because the dSLR is so powerful, unless you're extremely good looking you'll feel like running away from being shot. Otherwise, just don't be bothered and smile all you can. Yes, the smile is very important. It's what makes the camera fall in love with it's subject.

No harm showing off your teeth, really!

Weapons checked. Batteries checked. Memory cards checked. All ready. CHARGE!!!

Aim, then shoot!

Ahhh! Counter attack!!

"Aw man, you really got me just now."
"Really? I'm pretty good y'know."

Back to what i was saying. The grand opening, or rather, known as "Thanksgiving Day". We had the usual people from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and of course, our very own Ipoh-langs plus Taiping-lang (taiping-lang?). The special day invited people from our neighbouring countries; Australia and Indonesia, and all the way across to China and Nigeria!

Aik, can't remember his name.

And oh, I've got a picture to show you guys. Look at it awhile and see whether it reminds you of anything.

Peeking form the stage.

No? Still dunno? Tsk tsk, we just don't share the same mind.

I was assigned to usher the upper gallery. While most of the people sat downstairs, filling up all 300seats, my job upstairs was way easier.

This was how it looked like from my view.

The night began with some messages on the screen, all related to the night's theme - Seasons of Songs.

Don't you just love the lights?!

Basically, there were much singing involved. Some were Chinese songs and mostly were English, if I'm not mistaken.

Ran down stairs to shoot this one. Notice the "noise" in the picture?

There's noise here too. What to do, not enough lighting plus gadget not powerful enough.

Had made so many attempts on this one, trying to make it not appear in this colour. And i failed terribly.

Finally, a slightly more decent picture. But rather blur though... Argh!

I was quite surprised with my ability to multitask so well; listen to the concert, ushering and ensuring the guests' comfort, enjoying myself with my camera.

Subject: Silhouette of JoelLai's hair.

In event photo taking missions like this, your subject doesn't always have to be on the stage. Take a break. Look around you, and you'll find something worth a shot. These are probably the things that keeps you on the go throughout the event.

It's always best to try and shoot something different. If you were the boss, you wouldn't like seeing so many pictures of the same subject right? For now, be your own boss and decide. Make your batch of pictures more lively.

Do candids that doesn't seem like one. Check out other people's awesome poses that you can never do. And to keep things natural, be sure they don't notice/mind.

Alex, not cam whoring.

Or perhaps have a friend to pose for you spontaneously. Don't worry so much about controlling your background or whatsoever. Just shoot, and enjoy.

I rested. But still shot him.

Don't worry so much about not getting a nice shot or how to get the right frame. Let your instinct do the job and sooner or later, you'll get the hang of it. Run around, try different angles. Stand at different locations and make use of those eyes of yours!

From the back of the upper gallery.

Try to zoom in and zoom out. Never mind if your camera isn't a powerful one. Remember Nike, remember 'Just doshoot it'.

The concert ended in an hour but the fellowship still went on after that. And I was still having fun.

JohnLai & Me. He is my father's cousin and is two years younger than me.

I wasn't the only one having fun. Others continued their session of photo taking. It's not as crazy as hearing the shutter releasing here and there though but there was definitely a lot of photographing taking place. Seriously.

Stephanie & Sarah.

Though tired, the 'extended' event still went on and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

So people, when you are in missions like this, don't frustrate so much. If you can't help it, just spill it all out to a friend. Then leave the vomit behind.

Because if you do so, at the end of the day, you'll be qualified to be a jolly photographer. Like me!

By the way, if you want to try out taking up missions like this, you can come over to my church on 25/12/2009. Feel free to come celebrate Christmas with us even if you don't have a camera because i believe you still have the best lens ever - your eyes!

Souvenirs will be given out to the guests.

Here are the details:

Date : 25-12-2009
Time : 8.00PM
Venue : 72, Jalan Raja Perempuan Mazwin, Taman Rishah, 30100, Ipoh.
(For non-Muslims only)
Other than having great training on your photography skills, you will definitely fall in love with the choir.

Just tell me ya if you are interested.

* * *
By the way, just something short and unrelated to the above, i was shopping yesterday in Vincci trying to get myself the perfect flats. It was such a struggle because i had such big feet of size 10! Plus the shoes were all piled and mixed up! So it was really really very difficult.

Whereas in Nose, there was a huge difference. No piles, less people, but it sucks that there's no size 10!

Now if guys were to wear heels, the production of size 10 heels would probably increase. I can probably try size 11 even! Y'know lah, not all size 10s measure equally.

It's my heel.

But probably the bad news is, i probably not only have to struggle through the aunties and ladies, but with men as well.......! I can't imagine what a scene it would make...!!!

Julian trying out my heel.

Don't think it's such a good idea after all.


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