Friday, November 13, 2009

To be Healthy or to be 'Fatting' ?

The main cause of people getting fat is mainly because of food. I tried staying healthy by consuming more vegetables and the only way that i find easiest to have 'em is in the form of salad! No doubt the most important ingredient in a salad is the dressing and not so much of the vegetable. Personally, i cannot eat a salad without any dressing but i can charge with full power on a salad without the vegetables. Mayonnaise does taste good. Yes, that's the most common dressing most people will use. People like me will not tolerate with vinegar or olive oil as a dressing in replacement to mayonnaise! Maybe chocolate can? I have yet to try that out though.

But sadly, mayonnaise is what kills the whole purpose - to have a healthy diet.

Youth potluck in church on a Saturday night.

I can't remember when was this, but we had a potluck in church (our old church, now moved to our new one already) and there were so many good food rich in fat e.g. sausages, sandwiches, spaghetti, pudding, gas drink, etc. There was one particular one that stood out among the rest. Or should i say, the one and only odd one out. It was the salad.

The chef to the salad.

Look! There is no dressing! How do you eat that stuff?? She thinks it tastes nice because, duh, she herself was the one who made it. She had some sort of expensive vinegar as the dressing. Her husband, on the other hand, convinced me (oh-so-easily) that it is displeasing to taste.

Dare to try??

Her husband didn't seem to have made any attempt in stopping anyone from trying though. When healthy food exist and takes over one's conscious mind, the result will make the deadly unhealthy look blurry to the consumer. The whole world will probably seem disorientated and what's left shall be green.

See how the green stands out so easily?

See what i mean? I didn't do anything to the picture - it was an unintentional candid. It somehow sensed my thoughts, i supposed. Or maybe my camera is staying healthy? Blinding itself from the deadly?? Pardon my use of words.

What shocked me was the empty bowl the salad was served on. Empty? How could it be?? One reason why i didn't dare try it was because there were cherry tomatoes. Y'know those small little fruity tomatoes which smells terribly strongly of tomatoes?? I hate them. Oh the torture it brings to mah nose!

Hard for me to believe. The salad's gone!

Probably this guy here finished it. He's one vegetable lover, killer of the greens! Oh save mother-earth-the-edible!

Trying to hide from your crime?

Maybe she should have added/brought the mayonnaise and with me around, no doubt I'll finish it. Regret on the weight gain later lah.

Uncle Liew.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking Uncle Liew??

I need.... to... get this open!

Oh yeah! I believe we are of one thought that moment!

Hansel lending a hand.

Pour the wine into the salad!! Even if i would have liked the salad, i don't think I'd want to have it as a meal everyday. I have a feeling that i will turn green soon enough if so. I don't want to be a she hulk..!

Some pictures after the potluck, credits to Julian. Had to practice an ensemble piece for my performance in November.

JiYan, me and an absentee; PuiYi.

Yeah, PuiYi's absent thus is not in the picture. But I'm tagging her in here anyway.

Look! JiYan, the girl with the violin, is fading off! Y'think it has the magical element like jaychou's song in 'secret'?? Haha.

Coming back to our topic for the day. Greens. Equals healthy. Anyhow we strive, at the end of the day, we still rebel.

I feel good.. with the vanilla ice cream. Mmm...

And to be rebellious in this matter brings happiness. Behold, SUPER SUPPER!

Mmm... look at the table. Luxurious!

See how she's smilin'?

Another rule to stay healthy is; always sleep early. Preferably before 11pm so that our body, especially the liver, gets the most rest. But with my best pal Sze Wei who stayed overnight at my place, we slept at 2.45am after our girl talk session. We broke the rule by 3hours.

By the way, this may sound ironic but i AM on a diet. Pfft.

P.s.: I have been stealing sinful food these days from the kitchen and I'm feeling guilty all over. But I'm back on my exercise routine so i can steal some more hope i can get rid of those fats that I've implanted in myself!?!

P.p.s: My dad had gone on a trip to KL and he took the camera with him. Sad but i don't need it for now anyway - need to study. Also, the pictures above are taken with Julian's Samsung L100.
Plus, my pendrives all bloated already. How?? I can't stuff in anymore pictures!! :(


HenRy LeE ® said...

i would die without meat for a week.. haha! well luckily i am able to survive with salad and fruits at least.. LOL~ Bah u must teach me some piano skills ya!

Cath J said...

Ow... must sleep by 11 ahhh??? shut!... its 1 am now... ok.... go zzz now.... T_T

Superman said...

I think it is the exam week now. Must be torture moments for the students. Hehe. Don't worry, it will be holidays very soon!

Jerine said...

salad? yeeewww.... i hate greens! maybe you should substitute mayo with caeser dressing. i heard its healthier. not really sure, i dont eat veggies at all.

Mabel Low said...

Henry ; Me too! Fruit salad shouldn't be a problem for me but vege and only vege... Don't think i can take it~

Cath J : Yup. My dad started getting such informations after his heart surgery.

Superman ; Exactly! It's funny that i'm still here blogging while studying.

Jerine ; Caeser salad? I'll give that a try someday. I think it's quite expensive also.

Tony Wan said...

Wah the spinning GENG!

KwOnG FeI said...

i think i had tried potluck once only..
enjoy the session, eating together and chatting..
btw, ur blog header rocks!

Martha said...

I love salad and a nice vinagrette to go with it, the vegetables and salads are very flavorful here.
Thank you for your visit to my blog.

SJB said...

Salad look good (^_*).

vialentino said...

i am back from krabi...thanks for ur support and visit to my site.

ur uncle liew so notti...teach u to drink wine ... must teach u liquor so low alcohol....oops

wenn said...

i hardly take salad but i like fried vegetables..

crazywrazy said...

LOL! It's time for me to leave my footprint here :P OMG! You got so many followers who give you great comments! Wakaka! Wow, I am on a diet now to reduce weight :P

JENIE said...

nice photos you got there mabel ;)

hope you can come visit my other blogs as well. maybe you'll like them too...and exch links?

life round me N you
earthy me

Mabel Low said...

Tony Wan ; The spinning was unintended! Actually wanted to take the food, but the girl there suddenly got into my frame:P

KwOnG FeI ; The catching-up session with one another was really fun;) Thanks for the compliment on my header mate! :D

Martha ; Really? I shall try that!

SJB ; Looks good but you sure they taste good? Haha.

Vialentino ; Welcome back! Haha... you also very naughty ah. Teach me drink liquor. XD

Wenn ; According to my mum, frying kills the nutrients in the veges dear. :S

Crazywrazy ; Don't forget to exercise! Your tummy's getting bigger! XD

Jenie ; Hey! Thanks! Alright, let's exchange ;)

Jeanette said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I just wanted to say that I eat the salad (and I do love a vinegar dressing) so that I can eat the ice cream afterwards!

Mabel Low said...

Jeanette ; Haha! One way to not feel so guilty huh? XD I do that too sometimes!

rainfield61 said...

Thanks for the visit.

The best way to get rid of fat is to go hiking every week.

vialentino said...

hahaha...ur comment in my post so funny .... lick ur screen pulak ... i borrow u a towel to wipe...

Shingo T said...

Finally... someone who realise that the evil mayo is taking the "healthy" word out of the healthy salad.

Looks like a fun gathering you have there, Mabel.

Rock on! ^_^

Bacolod and Beyond said...

I love green vegies, fruits and many others, haha! as long as it is a healthy food.

Thanks for the visit. Blessings!

Mabel Low said...

Rainfield61 ; Agreed. Exercising is always the best way.

Vialentino ; Ahahah... Nah, it's ok. I wiped it already. XD

Shingo T ; I wished that i could live in denial about the mayo. Haha.

Bacolod and Beyond ; Don't forget meat! Their healthy too..

Lindz said...

vegetables salad definitely... can't have my meal without them.

AmbiguousAmbitions said...

i rather be fat looking at these foods =p


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