Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Riding Hood Who Didn't Meet The Wolf

picture from pixelbrush.net

...but she met a bunch deal of weird people. Just like the classic Little Red Riding Hood story, me, bearing the character of Black Riding Hood (with no "Little" in front since I'm 5"7 ) was on my way to visit my grandmother. I had my grandma's key and a basket too.

Hung 'em around my neck for convenience's sake.

Living up to my name, i made a black cloak with a hoodie. Had my jeans and sports shoes on so that i can out run the wolf. Smart ay? And oh, the camera's for evidence - in case if i need to report anything to the police. Many snatch thefts these days.

Instead of mosquitoes, bats were tailing behind me. See my basket?

It was a dark Halloween night when i started my journey to grandma's house. Quite creepy. I don't even know whether my grandma's dead or not, since this is not according to the original fairytale. I'll just have to dig the graves if i have to.

Not long after my journey, i met a couple of pretty ladies dressed up for some Halloween party.

Pretty right? Til it was hard for my lens to focus.

Good thing my lens didn't fail me for this one. Wouldn't like it if she starts waking me up!

They were a couple of decent people, ones that i wouldn't mind meeting again. And just when i thought the wolf would be showing up anytime soon, i met some not-so-normal people.

She wanted to rock the earth down.

I dare not say she plays horrible music. Otherwise, she may rock me down. She had her own band of rockers - they were her. Yes, her! Take a look at my 'evidence'!

Though they were all her, they consisted of different personalities. But they all seemed so high.

Look at her! She didn't seem very please when i declined her invitation to rock along. Thank goodness i had my camera. I offered to take a picture of her and will promote it on my blog, only was she willing to spare the rock on me.

She betrayed her guitar.

Just when i thought i went through hell, i met hell's mistress. Talk about meeting wolves man...

Look at the glare!

I thought she just got out from hell because she was smokin' hot! Or maybe she had chili padi or something. She was just panas. But i was wrong.

She probably saw some hot guys from heaven, thus the blush heat.

I didn't even manage to ask for the guys' contacts, she just blushed away. I say she's stingy. Stingy! (Joking lah. Don't poke me with your fork please!)

Another hot laydeh who blurred my lens.

She claims to give treatments and services to hot guys only. Another extraordinary thing about her was, she had this huge cut on her throat and wanted me to help increase it's depth. Eek!

She was so happy! Gasp.

I had to do it if not she'll do it on me. It's bad enough that i didn't meet the wolf. I don't want to lengthen my name to Black Riding Hood With Cut On Neck. I reckon her patients (hot guys) are the reason for her jolliness. I'm just guessin'.

I have a feeling that i chose the wrong day for my visit because i keep meeting unexpected people. Maybe the wolf only comes out on normal days?

She popped in my face. Like BOOMZ.

She's still a mystery to me. Had no idea how she popped just like that. She probably threw some gas-bombs aiming at my face, then ran in front of me.

See! She's in front of me.. so suddenly!

Mysterious with her dirty tricks she was but she was no match with the Black Riding Hood in height. Hehe.


There was no need for me to run since she herself ran away from me. Haha. I have yet to put my sport shoes in good use. Until i met the vampiress.

She gave me the eerie feeling. Look at the sky behind her! I didn't edit anything alright!

A little negotiating did the trick. Apparently, she had some tooth-ache. Someone should teach those vamps to brush their teeth!

Trying to ease her pain a lil, and trying to feel for her (?)

I met a serial killer after the bloodsucker and thought i could get her to teach me some deadly shots with her gun. Would be most useful if i do meet the wolf.

Unfortunately, the only 'gun' she had was her camera.

She was busy killing 'em worms.

Those people just kept getting in my way one after another. It's already getting late and i still have a long way to go before reaching grandma's place. At least i thought i had a way to get to her until i figured out that i was lost. Bumped into this angel and decided to ask her whether she knows the way or not. Yes, she knew the way and even offered to show it to me... but she was the last person that i ever want to meet!

She was the angel of death!

That question i asked her came with a price!

"I'll show you the way but...."


And so i ran for my life! Really ran for my life man! Didn't know where she got that baby chopping knife but it looks dangerous! Only halted when i thought i saw another Black Riding Hood...

Celaka! Steal my title?? Oh... sorry. Mistaken.

Borrowed her weapon and upgraded myself to Grim Rider.


The attempt to scare her away failed. Her baby chopping knife transformed and she too upgraded herself. Shyiets!

"I also can ta-daa."

And so the only way was to play dead, since she wanted me dead so much. I was lucky because i found a coffin nearby.

Amazingly, it fitted me and my from-dunno-where bats.

That was a near death, I'm telling you! A near death! To whoever who owns the coffin, i would thank you so very much for not burying it... yet. But it was funny that the coffin was so soft within. I opened the lid to check closely what was in it... and to my surprise...

Sleeping Beauty, whose breathe stopped.

...I killed sleeping beauty!! I looked around hoping that no one was there, especially the prince, and stole her slippers. Hehe. My shoes were killin' me! I kept walking and walking and walking until i thought i saw someone familiar.

Wait a minute....?!?

-the end-

* * *

Will be uploading more pictures behind this story soon.

P.s. : Sorry lah that I'm such a bad storyteller but hey, i do hope you at least enjoy the pictures. Though it's a little late, this is the treat with no trick post for you. Cheers!


crazywrazy said...

Awesome halloween party! How come no boys one? LOL

Mabel Low said...

Crazywrazy ; Awesome it was! No boys because... you'll know when i update my next post ;)

My Profile said...

WOW! i really have to say... it is incredible! your outfit is very cool! creative!

Angelyn said...

Oooh ooohhhh! I love the story! Nice pictures. Especially Christine in the coffin. :D

Mabel Low said...

My Profile ; Thanks! The outfit was a very simply one but involves a lot of tedious work. Glad i finished in time!

Angelyn ; Somehow the pictures just all relate. XD Had to crack my head a bit at first ;s

aaron said...

wow u guys really dressed up not like us!

Mabel Low said...

Aaron ; Actually we did very little on the dressing up but more on the make-ups. Adding on some accesories did the trick :D

Joshua said...

Look super duper fun eh! BTW the Grim Reaper use Nikon DSLR one wor. lol

Mabel Low said...

Joshua ; You also noticed?? But it wasn't the Nikon D90, luckily:P No need for me to be jealous. HEEHE

vialentino said...

omg...wat a halloween celebration...one of the best si far i have seen.

btw, u all really ate those worms?

nice bloggie...will visit here often..smile on ur NN ads...

Mabel Low said...

Vialentino ; No no.. we didn't eat those worms. Lol. They were for display only. Thanks for the click mate! ;D


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