Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strawberry Baybeh

Enough about all the greens from the previous post. that reminded me so much of my mother's garden in a bowl. It's not that i don't eat 'em green flavoured salads, i just prefer the meat flavoured ones. Hehe. Okay, enough. Let's move on to reds instead - the reds of strawberries!

Before i proceed, to be frank, i am actually having my finals now before i can finally graduate from high school. And i wouldn't have to meet her again. Thus I'll really have to post this up real fast.

I have never really liked this red little berries ever since i was young. Unlike my friends, they have grown to love it even before tasting it. The only types of strawberry flavoured thing that I've ever tasted during my childhood years were strawberry jam and the cough syrup prescribed by the doctor. Seriously. During my primary years, my mother would always pack me bread with strawberry jam, so i have pretty much grew tired of it. And then the cough syrup that makes my body shiver all over after tasting it. My hair stands. The smell would travel up my throat and to my nostrils. Urgh. I can almost smell it as i type these words.

There were much change in expression even at the sight of the syrup - squinting eyes, an automatic shut in the nostrils, a pout that bends downwards, and probably tears? These two stuffs has really gave me a bad mark on strawberries and because of that, i can hardly take in strawberry ice cream also!

So imagine how hard was it for me when everyone in Cameron Highlands was talking about strawberries. My parents wanted to buy them even and my friends they all want to have a taste of it. I had no choice but to just go along with it lah.

A shop we stopped by while in Camerons.

Thank goodness some stalls they don't just sell strawberries. They had a variety of other fruits as well. But for this particular stall, the food was dang expensive! And because we agreed to share our order to save money, the majority of them wanted the strawberry one. Oh how i dreaded that moment!

A combination of what i like and dislike.

We had to divide the dish into four since there were four of us. I definitely like the waffle and chocolate alright, but not the whip cream plus strawberries. For a moment, i was so tempted to just sweep off all the chocolates with my portion of the waffle and leave the cream and the red thing for them. They liked strawberries so much, I'll give 'em all they want! Just leave me and my chocolates alone!

But nah, i wasn't such a selfish brat. I had to taste the syrup strawberries simply to not make my pals start questioning my dislike towards it. How can you not like strawberries? Every person likes them even babies! How can you?? Ish. It's not like I'm driving them strawberries into becoming some sort of an endangered species right? Besides, it isn't me that's killin' them. Pfft!

And yes, i had to smile after tasting it for the first time.

Perhaps i wasn't the only one that disliked strawberries??

The taste is tolerable actually. But i still am not very fond of 'em, and don't ask me why. If you fellow people can turn your hate towards durian to love, I'll gladly eat strawberries everyday!

He seems to like it. Much.

Alright. Back to my study table now. Two more weeks to go before i can light up firecrackers!

P.s. : Fuiyoh! Ice kacang open house... anyone?? :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

To be Healthy or to be 'Fatting' ?

The main cause of people getting fat is mainly because of food. I tried staying healthy by consuming more vegetables and the only way that i find easiest to have 'em is in the form of salad! No doubt the most important ingredient in a salad is the dressing and not so much of the vegetable. Personally, i cannot eat a salad without any dressing but i can charge with full power on a salad without the vegetables. Mayonnaise does taste good. Yes, that's the most common dressing most people will use. People like me will not tolerate with vinegar or olive oil as a dressing in replacement to mayonnaise! Maybe chocolate can? I have yet to try that out though.

But sadly, mayonnaise is what kills the whole purpose - to have a healthy diet.

Youth potluck in church on a Saturday night.

I can't remember when was this, but we had a potluck in church (our old church, now moved to our new one already) and there were so many good food rich in fat e.g. sausages, sandwiches, spaghetti, pudding, gas drink, etc. There was one particular one that stood out among the rest. Or should i say, the one and only odd one out. It was the salad.

The chef to the salad.

Look! There is no dressing! How do you eat that stuff?? She thinks it tastes nice because, duh, she herself was the one who made it. She had some sort of expensive vinegar as the dressing. Her husband, on the other hand, convinced me (oh-so-easily) that it is displeasing to taste.

Dare to try??

Her husband didn't seem to have made any attempt in stopping anyone from trying though. When healthy food exist and takes over one's conscious mind, the result will make the deadly unhealthy look blurry to the consumer. The whole world will probably seem disorientated and what's left shall be green.

See how the green stands out so easily?

See what i mean? I didn't do anything to the picture - it was an unintentional candid. It somehow sensed my thoughts, i supposed. Or maybe my camera is staying healthy? Blinding itself from the deadly?? Pardon my use of words.

What shocked me was the empty bowl the salad was served on. Empty? How could it be?? One reason why i didn't dare try it was because there were cherry tomatoes. Y'know those small little fruity tomatoes which smells terribly strongly of tomatoes?? I hate them. Oh the torture it brings to mah nose!

Hard for me to believe. The salad's gone!

Probably this guy here finished it. He's one vegetable lover, killer of the greens! Oh save mother-earth-the-edible!

Trying to hide from your crime?

Maybe she should have added/brought the mayonnaise and with me around, no doubt I'll finish it. Regret on the weight gain later lah.

Uncle Liew.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking Uncle Liew??

I need.... to... get this open!

Oh yeah! I believe we are of one thought that moment!

Hansel lending a hand.

Pour the wine into the salad!! Even if i would have liked the salad, i don't think I'd want to have it as a meal everyday. I have a feeling that i will turn green soon enough if so. I don't want to be a she hulk..!

Some pictures after the potluck, credits to Julian. Had to practice an ensemble piece for my performance in November.

JiYan, me and an absentee; PuiYi.

Yeah, PuiYi's absent thus is not in the picture. But I'm tagging her in here anyway.

Look! JiYan, the girl with the violin, is fading off! Y'think it has the magical element like jaychou's song in 'secret'?? Haha.

Coming back to our topic for the day. Greens. Equals healthy. Anyhow we strive, at the end of the day, we still rebel.

I feel good.. with the vanilla ice cream. Mmm...

And to be rebellious in this matter brings happiness. Behold, SUPER SUPPER!

Mmm... look at the table. Luxurious!

See how she's smilin'?

Another rule to stay healthy is; always sleep early. Preferably before 11pm so that our body, especially the liver, gets the most rest. But with my best pal Sze Wei who stayed overnight at my place, we slept at 2.45am after our girl talk session. We broke the rule by 3hours.

By the way, this may sound ironic but i AM on a diet. Pfft.

P.s.: I have been stealing sinful food these days from the kitchen and I'm feeling guilty all over. But I'm back on my exercise routine so i can steal some more hope i can get rid of those fats that I've implanted in myself!?!

P.p.s: My dad had gone on a trip to KL and he took the camera with him. Sad but i don't need it for now anyway - need to study. Also, the pictures above are taken with Julian's Samsung L100.
Plus, my pendrives all bloated already. How?? I can't stuff in anymore pictures!! :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy As Chocolate

It was a Saturday when i smiled like i was in chocolate heaven. Not that i'm a big fan of chocolate but it's just one of the many things that draws a positive curve on my face. After so long of not hitting the malls i finally got the chance to do so on that day and Julian accompanied me. He too needed some treat to widen his smiles.

Initially i thought of going to two malls; Ipoh Parade and Jusco, but because chocolates needs time to melt so that we can slowly enjoy the sweetness, we resorted to only one place. We decided to melt Parade down. Yum!

We walked like we've never walked in malls for ages. Well, it seemed like a year since we both walked in one together so yeah. And the lucky man got his smile not long after!

Fortunately, there were sales everywhere! Three different shirts for less than RM60 is a bargain don't you think so??

We hopped into almost every shop that has the discount sign, especially when we eyed on the number 70 on display.

I find this rather special.

Of course, he wasn't the only one cheering away. I had my portion of smiles too!

A casual formal dress and a t-shirt alike with Julian's.

Yes, the RM20 dress that i was talking about was still there!! There were three colors; toffee yellow, magenta purple and my favourite chocolate brown! Thank goodness the last time i was there i managed to try it on because now when i went with Julian, there was a sign stating that no trying is allowed. But i still bought it anyway since i knew i fit. I smiled even more when i found out the original price of it!

Yes yes! 70% off!!

I could almost swear that i felt my teeth were about to drop off! Seriously! I'm so happy, can!

Ignore the bulging tummy there and just admire the dress!

Before that i was already telling Julian that if the dress isn't there, then it isn't meant to be mine. But since it was still unowned, obviously it was specially tailored for me it simply made me happy! Julian even joked that my scent might still be there. It's not impossible right?

And since my exams are nearing, i went home to study. For awhile. Erm.. i mean, i planned to study but i guess happiness just took over(?).

I ain't gonna say anything for this one.

Alright, i didn't study. I was relaxing after the long studying periods summing up from the past few days. Hehe. Sunday is the day of rest, says the Lord. Hehehehehehe....

Devilish smile.

And Joshua here, caught me during my crime.

He wanted to teach me a lesson! Gasp!

And unfortunately, he's equipped with the art of self defense. In other words, I'm dead meat!


Haha. Nah, he just didn't want his picture to be taken. It was Julian who was playing with my camera anyway. I simply love the smeared effect that he accidentally made. At the end of the day, I've got the dress that made me happy and my pictures which cheered me even more! Woots!

I'm so happy that i can't smile proper!

* * *
By the way, Julian was telling me about how he edited his panoramic shots and described his scene to be of an odd one. He shot a picture of the skies and within the frame, half of it was bright like a clear sunny day with some pink touches, while the other half was gloomy - just like during a thunderstorm. It reminded me of a picture i had taken with similar scenery. We didn't notice it til the picture was posted in the album.

Notice the clouds? Their not as dark as the storms but it's still not something you get everyday right?

Would have made an even better picture if there was lightning hitting the coconut tree at the back. And yes, i had short hair that time. The picture was taken in 2006 (Form 2). I looked older don't I??

P.s. : I've been stealing food these days. Sinful food. Is it because I'm substituting food over stress?? But well, at least I've resumed my exercising so not feeling so guilty. Teehee~
Update: I just realised that the clouds are quite hard to notice. Guess it's because i've contrasted the picture a bit. :S

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Behind the Scene


There are actually more pictures than what i've posted here including the ones in my previous post The Riding Hood Who Didn't Meet The Wolf. I couldn't post all 99 images here because 1) i may start receiving feed backs about the loading error of either the pictures or my blog, 2) needed to save the storage space in photobucket, 3) some may not be fond of lengthy posts, 4) not all are decent to the eye, and 5) reserved for my own viewings only. I'll be piling 'em all up in an album in facebook you can browse through there anytime after i've uploaded them - which won't be so soon til my next post.

Event : SMC 4th Unit Ranger's Farewell Party
Theme & Dress Code : Halloween
Date : 31st October 2009
Time : 1830 - 2330
Venue : Corrine's house

I seriously had no idea what to wear in the first place and yes, this was in fact my very first time dressing up for such a theme. Was it okay to wear something outrageous and extraordinary? Or should i just rely on the make ups? How would others wear? The time factor made things even harder and so i decided just wear something simple yet outstanding (?).

Thank goodness mum had enough black cloths for me to transform 'em into my black cloak, plus i bought this screamer mask in Cameron Highlands for RM5 and it finally came in good use! But because the screamer character is so very common, i thought the Black Riding Hood would be a great one! Thus adding the mini basket onto my necklace was an impromptu idea.

Me as Black Riding Hood.

The making up was pretty fun, in opposing to my statement that i made in The Day I Lost My Youth. Perhaps the reason why i didn't like it in the first place was because washing it off felt like ripping my entire skin off my face. Not to mention how it hurts when cleaning areas near the eye. Guys, try having someone put eyeliner on you and not get to blink for 40seconds. Your eyes will start to banjir in no time (note : the element of exaggeration is used in here).

Helping YeanKit to live up to her name; Hot Nurse With Deep Cut On Neck.

You won't believe what i used to draw that little art on her neck! I didn't have any proper tools since i was in Jane's place. What i had in hand was only my black crayon eyeliner and my lip pencil. Yes, the lip pencil. Used it to make the wound look infected or something. She also asked me to bring along some red water color and so i did. The blood looked really fresh!

How i did it? My Buncho paint came in a plastic tube, so putting the paint on was easy. Be sure the amount applied isn't too thin if not when it dries, it may crack. The thickness gives it a 3D effect which makes it realistic. Nice eh?

So no need to buy liquid fake blood or those in pill forms. Just use Buncho or any other removable/washable paints and remember to stay dry after applying. Also if the chosen paints stink, just relent to the real blood lah.

On the way there. Notice Jane's mouth (the devil)? She too used the paint's effect.

Another thang that is a must for me to bring to events such as this is of course my shutterbug. It may not go along well with my riding hood character, but not the screamer mask.

The camera serves the mask.

Many of my souls caught in these images are captured by my good pal JuEan.

From my previous post, you'll know that she's the Death Angel who wanted to kill me.

And notice the mini chopping knife she's holding? We actually found it in the garden in display together with a joker(?) doll which didn't seem very terrifying to me. Seriously. See for yourself if you don't believe.

Angelyn thinks it looks like Chucky, from Rugrats i assume.

We had much fun with it really. There were so many things i could write about the pictures taken with it. No plannings made. No drafts. None. Just me, my brains and my pictures. Really had to crack my brain on how to arrange the pictures and stuffs. Eventually when i started writing, crazy story lines just appear in my head and walah! I have one post!

Glad she decided not to kill me anymore.

I wasn't the only one capturing souls that night. In fact, the moment i stepped foot into the house, part of my soul was ripped off immediately. Trapped in those SD cards.

Demonic welcome?

Even the Grim Reaper equipped herself with one of those gadgets, but more advanced. I was just about to bear fruits of jealousy til i found out it was the D60. Phew, not D90. Hehe.

Careful Auntie. Watch who's beside you!

There was this one camera which was different from the others and if you've tried it, you'd definitely think it's one shocking thing!

Eva the Rock Star trying it out.

What is it that's so shocking you ask? It is shocking not because of it's space efficient size nor it's cute looking design. But because it is in fact shocking! Press the button and hold for three seconds, your nerves will receive painful electric shocks which may probably make your fingerprints disappear! (Note: once again, the use of exaggeration is present)

Laid on the table.

They all belong to Sharon whose father owns a pet shop. There were worms, maggots and crickets. Edible, probably.

All these are the Death Angel (JuEan)'s most feared stuffs. Lol.

Notice the bottle behind the one containing the crickets? I think the white stuffs are noodles. Lol!

Some other nice deco.

And me posing with it.

The pumpkin stinks very much, but I didn't dare pose with the little wormies though. The stinkifying is better than the slimmy disgusting creepers. *pulls a disgusted look*

Just look. I'm lazy to list what was on the menu.

The food didn't taste too bad but the oil content was rather high.

They initially wanted us form 5s to catwalk, showing off our 'deadly' looks. But we resorted to story telling instead. Ghost story telling.

And the fire in the pumpkin blew up!!

It didn't blow up by itself though. The girls were feeding it with papers thus the large flaming.

Exchanging gifts session.

We exchanged gifts among the old and new exco members. Talkin' about gifts, it was another headache for me. I didn't know what are my treasurer-to-be's likings. Only knew she likes blue so i bought the following stuffs:

A letter 'C' which costs more than i expected!!

Some dessert tokens, excluding the hamburger.

The hamburger was simply so cute! I stole that out of the list and kept it. I combined the remaining tokens and made a key chain for her.

Added a ribbon and a button. Gave it some chocolate touch with a brown string twirled round the main chain.

I also bought a gadget protector for her. Thought it'd go along well with the key chain which she could hang it on her hand phone.

Chose her favourite color.

Next was the wrapping. Also a diy. Needed to save some money since the tokens were so pricey.

Fairly simple.

If you're wondering where i bought 'em, they're from the S&J in Jaya Jusco (Ipoh). Not so sure if you could find 'em from other outlets though.

Next up was the awards. Sorry that i couldn't remember the awards that were presented out so I'll just show you the pictures ya. The winner were given a handmade trident.

Jane doing her thang.

And me doing my candid.

Surprisingly, I was awarded the Most Spookiest award. Unfortunately it was my Black Riding Hood character that got the title, but my screamer mask. Y'know there wasn't anyone who have guessed that i came as the Black Riding Hood. None!

How is it possible that the mask plus the cloak plus a black sleeveless top and a pair of jeans could have won me that title?? I mean, look at the Grim Reaper. I'd think that she deserves it better. The cloak she's wearing is perfectly sown and the weapon she carried was neatly done!

The only factors which i think chopped her off the title was 1) she didn't have any scary mask or make up, and 2) her shoes.

Reaper shoes?

I didn't thought my screamer mask was that a scare either. Instead, i thought it was pitiful to just stare into it's screaming eyes.

How is this scary? Tell me!

Or even this?

And maybe my edited picture was scarier.

Didn't do much for that picture. Only fiddled around with the saturation, brightness, contrast and midtone adjustments.

Perhaps you may prefer me without the mask?

A group shot. Spot me!

Once again, sorry for the long post. Will try cutting things down in my upcoming posts. Bye!

* * *

I wanted to go as a vampire in the first place so i bought these really cheap fangs (from Parade's Cultural Walk area).

Unfortunately, they not only taste very plastic (duh) but they do not fit. They make my lips look like a fish's and my teeth in terrible condition.

It looks like i'm in desperate need braces, no?

* * *

Another thing i'd like to tell you girls! Remember the dress i told you guys about that only costed RM20?

Yeah, the brown one in the middle. Many of you have asked where i bought it and that i should have bout it. So, I was telling Stephy the other day that i would be going to check whether the dress is still there or not. I went there on Saturday yesterday and........... (to be continued).


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