Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Fought With My Principal...



Remember the post about my graduation (The Day I Lost My Youth)? This post has some relation to it. I was asked to complete a task in the production of the graduation booklet in two weeks - very limited hours given for the planning, designing, laying out, and of course insufficient time to distribute the jobs. Thus i was only left with one choice in order to save precious, which was to do it myself.

I'm already used to this kind of last minute stuff so yeah, it wasn't a fuss at all despite the fact that my sleeping hours may drop like the saham. If i can finish a 4x2m banner in 3days, this would be close to nothing. Besides, i have my father's best friend - the computer. The only challenge in my strife to do my best was to keep my brain active, very very active.

To keep things short, yes, i did manage to complete everything in time and handed the sample copy to the teacher to be photocopied after being reviewed. I could finally flag the "do not disturb" sign on Thursday, the day before the event. I was seriously in need of rest. Needed time to mend the cracks on my head lah. Who would have known it was possible to have nightmares before you could even fall asleep. No, i think it is better known as a plague.

The principal called my house phone.

Pn Loh here. Why didn't you come and see me to get my message for the booklet?

Oh, Shyama was in-charge of that.

Then did you notice that there was no signature in the souvenir booklet? Do you know it's very important to have the signature??

No, teacher, i didn't know.

You didn't know?? Every message from the principal must...... blabberingblahblahbugger....
Did you refer to last year's book and check whether there is a signature?

Last year's one don't have (i was guessing only).

If you check, last year's one there is a sign...

*Silence......* (Oh shit)


Yes teacher.

Do you know now i have to bring back 200over copies back to sign.

Well, if that's the only way then i'm sorry teacher.

This year is the worst, compared with my previous years'. The standard has dropped! Is this your work quality??

Huh? (I didn't hear properly)

Is this the quality of your work???

Yes teacher.

*Silence...* (She probably unexpected my quick respond being so straight forward.)
Don't you think you should apologize?

I already did just now.

Okay, good girl. (Huh? Suddenly praise me??)
But you all must learn from this, girl.

Yes teacher. Sorry teacher.... (=.=)

I'm very unhappy because of this. Tomorrow (the day of the graduation) i want to see your face in the morning.

Tomorrow i'm not coming to school. (I had to tell her this sooner or later anyways right. If not if she doesn't see my face, then i'll be in much trouble)

What? How can you not come to school tomorrow when it is a school day. You're breaking the rules, you know. Ask your parents to write a letter if you can't come.

Teacher, half of the form 5s also not coming tomorrow.

How dare you tell your principal that you're not coming to school? And can say that half the form 5s are not coming?? I feel very insecure letting you all graduate... blabberingblahblahbugger....

Why not i find you during the graduation?

No! I want to see your face in the morning. NOw i'm very upset already. I don't want to talk to you. (Got people speak like that?)

Teacher, if you don't want to talk to me then should i still see you tomorrow? (I love this reply)

I'll leave it to you. Okay, i don't want to talk to you anymore. Bye.

The conversation above was jotted down right after it happened. She said a great deal of things more actually, but i just cut some of the nonsense unnecessary ones lah.
For a moment, i regretted taking up the task. At the same time, the conversation amused me somehow. *giggles*

So yeah, the next day i had to let her see my face and JuEan was kind enough to accompany me. Guess what, she apologized to me. Turns out that it wasn't my fault. We checked last year's booklet, there was no sign. She could even say how come i didn't sign last year. What the....
Thanks so much for throwing me some bullshit and leave me all stinky, then apologize and call me rude. Whhaaatttt ttthhhee....

Since she thinks that the product was of the worst quality, i took some snapshots of the previous year's booklet. You decide, whether which quality is worst. On the left is the 2008 booklet and the right, this year's.

The cover

The agenda page.

The autograph page.
2008 teachers' messages page.

2009 teachers' messages page.

So... last year's one was better?? She told me not to spread the news but hey, the 100 year old walls of SMC tells a lot of tales. Besides, my blog is not famous so she shouldn't be bothered.

The one common remark I get from the teachers while trying to comfort me was;

"Mei Theng, don't worry about it lah.
She is always like that wan. We kena a lot of times already."

Many thanks to JuEan and Julian who have been giving a lot of emotional support and SzeWei for lending me her ears. Also to all you guys who read til this far - i'm very sorry for the lengthy post. Now and then i still smell this bullshit in my memory but since it has passed for a few weeks already, the smell isn't so revealing anymore.

P.S. : What i was most disappointed at was, she didn't even say a word of thank you. Who is rude now?

On the graduation day after i saw her:

Teacher, about yesterday when i said half of the form 5s (130students) won't be coming, I'm sorry i made a mistake. Only 15people came!
*Walks away in satisfaction*


Monday, October 19, 2009

Be A Part Of The Cake

I took awhile to brush up on this event's pictures. A long while, to be exact. I'm so tired now that i could hardly think what to write here. So please do pardon me if the text bores you.

Previously, my update on the Revolving Realm Gathering (also a guiding/rangering event) took a really long time to be posted up here which eventually made the update outdated. So now, living to my word of trying not to do it again, i only took 2weeks for this one. You gotta consider the number of pictures i have to sort and edit, alright. Imagine going through tens of pictures with a slow and laggish laptop, plus editing 'em! I had almost a hundred pictures for this, thus the long post. Please do bare with me.

Nevermind when was it held and where, i'll leave those to your common sense. Let's begin with the pictures from the performances of that day, which wasn't much.

I like the effect of this picture - like she lost her arm. Ehhe.

I'm not very fond of taking indoor pictures, let alone performances, 'cause my camera simply wouldn't make nice ones. The Canon S80 that i'm using is a compact camera, and if you hadn't noticed my header, i don't have a dSLR. So don't expect too much.

Finally, they paused! Not for long though. Lucky me for capturing this in time.

Then came the next performance; sketch. I attempted quite a number of shots on that but only had one that is presentable - quality vise.

She was kind enough to pose for me.

I know, you must be saying of all pictures why this? Like i said, this was the only one of the best quality.

Red tenderfoots.

We did some camwhoring, posing, laughing, etc. during breakfast. The following are such.

They both are of similar height.

Similar height?

Perhaps this is the only way to make the difference not so obvious.

Now moving on to the serious part of the day, when the enrolment begins.

SueJean & Shaarmini

Usually, the serious highlights are done first before moving on to the light hearted performances but because it was raining earlier, we made some changes.

Wet floor.

They proceeded to form a V-formation and i was actually supposed to be in it. Anyhow, i managed to convince them about the necessity of me doing my duties of a cameraperson. Hehe. Can cabut.

Was supposed to be a perfect shot until Pn. Kong turned her head.

More shots during the formation.

Taken from one end.

Pn. Kong pinning the tenderfoot onto the new ranger's scarf.

The view of a leader. I kinda like this shot.

Seeing that there wasn't much left to be shot, i decided i need a cute model. Ahaha.. joking lah, Angelyn.

This one's not a comparison between the heights. Thought it was the only way to include the whole of the flag into the frame.

Had a group picture of the leaders and the teachers after that.

Decided not to post up the serious one. This post needs more craziness!

During the games while the juniors enjoy themselves...

...we had to decide on who is the Best Ranger (for form5) and the Best Guide (for form4).

This craft here is hand-made! Credits to VivienCheah & HuiYean.

Some of us were excited while some were bored. We were all waiting for the most awaited moment of the day - the handover! You'll know what it is later.

What's that on the grass??

What's that we're holding??

Now, here's the answer. I compiled all thirteen pictures into one to save the space. It was supposed to be fourteen but i couldn't find Eva's and Uma's one, sadly. Sorry Eva :(

The leaders personally drew their junior's pictures. E.g. the secretary draws the secretary-to-be's picture. How's the doodles??

Neat huh?

Overall, it was considered successful. Glad that i can finally retire now and let the juniors take charge but at the same time, it's a sad feeling too. Oh, what a mix.

I didn't like the cake. Too much icing i guess? Looks tooo sweeeettt...

It was such a big cake that by looking at it makes you feel as if your tooth is aching. And by the smell of it, you can imagine yourself loosing your mouth's pearls. Urgh... The others liked it though.

The only part that i ate was, the chocolate.

And you know what would have made the cake taste better?? US!

* * *

I saw one of my madams/seniors holding this gadget and for a moment i couldn't stop staring as if i saw some cute hunk!

Until i found out it was the Nikon D5000, the one similar to the D90 (which i'm currently wishing to have that) except that the D5000 doesn't have a build in motor.

I've been absent from here lately, due to the fact that i have to seriously hit the books. SPM is only a month away. Only 30days!! And i don't understand why when i'm hitting the books, my pendrive is constantly being fed with pictures. My 4gb pendrive has only 33.5mb left which can roughly store about 30more pictures. I need a new one!! Sobs.

P.s. : Though i may be absent, i'll still pop in once in a while and feed you guys whenever possible. *winks*

Once again, so sorry for the long post.


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