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September Babies

Hands up! If you're a September baby, this is the post for you, but i should apologize first because what you're about to see - especially the cakes and meals - will just be a virtual gift from me. So stare hard and enjoy your 'dessert'.

Talkin' about birthdays, I was quite surprised to find out that there are people who remembers another's birthday but not their own. Usually, or should i say, it is always that we don't need any effort to remember our own birth dates. We would be the ones reminding others about our day, instead of having people say, "Hey, it's your birthday! Remember?"

Shrugs. Sometimes my parents do forget.

The common thing to birthdays is; celebrations and cakes. Unfortunately, i do not like to do the commons. I intended on giving a surprise to a dear friend of mine and that was when crazy ideas started coming in.

"Why not replace the cake with something else?" So i started listing things down. I had candies, chocolate bars, ferero rocher chocolates, ice cream, etc. anything sweat and sweety will do since i assume he, yes a HE, wouldn't care much about weight gain unlike SHEs. But due to the lack of time, i resented to something close to the common. Unfortunately.

The lil cakes (and two donuts) that i bought with a fifty ringgit note. Of course there was change.

Thank goodness i obtained my driving license earlier. If not i would have to hike from Bercham to Ipoh Garden. The distance is madness. At the end of the day i either develop a body shape like Heidi Klum's, or i loose a pair of legs.

David's Diner, Greentown Square.

I had the cakes, i found my way to David's Diner (thank goodness), but i was late - by ten minutes. The birthday boy was there already! How am i supposed to bring the cakes in? It's supposed to be a surprise!

The dinner was specially for Joseph, who will be returning to Indonesia soon.

The cakes may seem small but the box itself is huge; 16 x 16 x 4 inches. It's impossible to hide it behind my back unless i stack the cakes up and hide it under my shirt. If you think that's a pretty good idea, you may agree that I should shove some into your empty head too.

My partner in crime.

I bummed into a waiter who so happened to be outside the restaurant when i was about to walk in. I wanted to leave the cakes in the car and bring 'em in an hour later, though i was a bit worried of the messiness of the box within - may look surprisingly untidy, i feared. I was stupid, i know. I guess i didn't have enough common sense to worry about the cakes melting.

Anyway, i talked it through with the waiter, then he talked it over with his boss, and i managed to find a way to get the cakes in without having the birthday boy to notice about the surprise. We went all the way to the back lane to the kitchen.

Let's have a word of prayer.

But how about the messiness of the box? It was not presentable!

Joseph, Eunice & JiYan.

"Do you have big plates?" He handed me two fairly big ones, just enough for all the cakes. I was quite surprised that it all fit in very well because i didn't plan how many cakes to buy - whether to hit an even number or an odd. I only counted by the price, chose by the design and stay within my budget. I was very surprise indeed that i could not only divide the cakes on the two plates but to also arrange 'em in a way as if i had the layout planned already. You'll get what i mean when you see the arrangement later.

Stephanie, SzeMin & Sarah.

I fed my camera instead of myself the whole time while i was there, lusted my eyes on those every so expensive sets of food and had no attempt to eat any of 'em. How did i do it? Simple. I took my dinner earlier at home. I DO have a budget plan to keep to y'know!

Benjamin & Alex (b'day boy).

Besides the cake, i did worry about how i was going to entertain myself while others were dining. I guess i should have had more faith on my camera. It flashed away all boredom and kept 'em afar!

Honeydew & watermelon juice.

Please pardon the pictures for their lack of light. I dislike using flash very much, mainly because i haven't got a strong hold of the skill yet. Flashes always turn my under lighted pictures to have too much exposure. So much that the details often sink under the whiteness. Bah.

I didn't know SzeWei doesn't eat these?!

Some pictures may seem kinda weird, but hey, i had to put my camera to use. We (my camera and i) were on a mission to drive off all boredom!

I can see you, SzeWei.

To be able to make the best out of your camera or your photography, you have to definitely loose something which is - self anxiousness. There is no room for you to worry about what others may think about you while having your photography done. Just take the dang picture like it's nobody's business.

She didn't bother about me bothering her.

I tell you, despite the food being kinda pricey, i think it's worth dining there once in a while. If you have a camera, you feed yourself and your camera. If you have a blog also; you feed yourself, your camera and your readers.

"No way am i gonna feed you!"

But do be aware that sometimes nice food once in a while comes with unpleasant diners whose poses may take away your appetite. Ahem.

Gasp, the eyes!

Otherwise, all should go well. Good people, good food, good post to update on a blog.

It's all gooooooood!

Remember to make way for hilarity to have a pose too.

"This is MY meat..."

Candids are acceptable as well.

Flash flash flash.

Have a problem with 'em living things? Don't worry. Cook them up!

Food paparazzi.

So yeah, i successfully managed to occupy myself. When you get bored with your own tool, try someone else's if you see one from the next table.


Remember what i said about the arrangements earlier, about how all the cakes got to fit in two plates perfectly? Here it is! I could hardly believe it myself. But even if there was extra, i already had a back up plan - to wollap eat it myself.

Happy twenty fifth birthday Alex!

Eunice shot this picture with Julian's Samsung camera. Nice angling.

When i got the cakes out, i thought it was kinda funny when everyone noticed me except for Alex. He was busy with his i-dunno-what and didn't notice me even when i walked right in front of him with two heavy plates on both my hands. I had to announce happy birthday out loud before he finally looked up. I tell you, his expression was priceless! Too bad i hadn't any recordings to show you guys.

I'm a young fifty-two.

Eunice's shot once more.

We sang the birthday song and distributed the cakes randomly among the youths.

This is the one cake that you don't have to cut.

The number candles cute hor?? Bought the waxed numbers for two bucks each in Season cake shop, Ipoh Garden. My initial plan was those bunga api candles but i didn't know where to get them... As for fireworks, too dangerous.

Mum say's the cakes are too sweet.

Not forgetting what every gathering requires before the departure - a group photo.

Talking about cakes just reminds me of what a terrible cook i am. Or to be precise, i am a terrible baker.

As much as i like surprises, i like giving it to others too. I attempted on one for my mother and decided to bake a cake for her the night before her big day. Got up at 12a.m./midnight and started my work on the sponge cake with chocolate coating. Excitement got over me until i realize i don't know how to use the microwave... But what the heck, just press a few buttons only mah! (Ya right)

I thought i understood the language in recipe books and thus, did according to my own interpretation. I manually mixed everything together as i didn't know how to use the mixer (idiot just switch it on and dump the stuffs in lah). And so, ladies and gentlemen, take a deep breath. Here is the outcome............

The creepiest thing was, i saw lines of electricity from the walls of the machine across to the cake's container while the microwave was running. Shocked i was! Gasp! It's like a storm forming in the microwave, with mini lightnings but no clouds!

The next day, a surprise it was to my mother.

"Happy Birthday mummy!
Sorry i wasted four of your eggs
and half a kilogram of your dark chocolates!"

Ps: So... anyone want a specially-made-by-Mabel cake?

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