Monday, September 14, 2009

The Blast in School.

This is probably the best thing ever that happened within the recent last five years of my life.
It was such a blast that i could hardly believe this event had passed for five months.
How can i not update about it? Even though i may be the last person to speak on this, it is still an honor to be able to bring this up again.

The Revolving Realm
hosted by 4th Unit Rangers of SMC Ipoh

This gathering had not a high attendance and only had a rough count of 400-500 people. Why so little you ask? Simply because only invited scouts and guides are allowed to enter. Not every AhChu, AhPo, AhSing (whose english names are Tom, Dick and Harry) can get their way in.

The logo I designed in a 20 minute scribble.

I was one of the judges during the event but that doesn't mean i had nothing to prepare on before the happening. The responsibility to create a significant-looking banner was laid upon me, thus spent most of my time skipping classes to complete the task. Not a big deal anyway. I'd grab hold of anything stressful simply to skip the sessions of unnecessary advertisements soap operas lectures by you-know-who.

The source that enlightened the stage.

As usual, i found myself setting a very high goal/standard on my artwork, so high that i couldn't reach. I was not at all satisfied with my designed background of the stage. There didn't seem to be anything unpleasant when i did it on paper, but once i executed it, the product of it simply made me shake my head.

The could-have-been-better stage background. If i remember correctly, it is roughly 8x6metres of area.

I substituted the polystyrene that was supposed to be used to make the logo and words, with newspapers instead. Something like a papier mache (dunno what's the correct spelling). Of course, i first made the layout on cargo boxes and taped the crumpled newspapers on the layout cut out. Then have 'em neatly wrapped up with aluminium foils and attached the finishing products on the glass papers (background) with double-sided tape.

It was a lot of work making that one! And much materials were used. Many thanks to those who so willingly assisted me in this. Couldn't have completed it without you guys!

The 'wow' impact that i was aiming to make wasn't there. I mean, look at the picture and what's your reaction? It's nothing very uncommon or special. I wasn't content.

Banner painted by the rangers.

The banners on the other hand satisfied me a bit. I did the drawing on the cloth while SookYee did her fabulous job on the coloring. Now this is what i would 'wow' on! Would you?

And then we had prizes to give away for the winner of every competition we hosted. The tallest among the eleven competitions (i think the number is correct) measures up to 8 feet of height! Taller than me weh! No, i'm serious! And it is no light stuff!

Trophies and souvenirs.

Not to mention, the prices came in a similar 'height' as well.
Ladies, can you imagine having a lifetime partner that tall?? I couldn't, even after standing beside it. I just can't imagine anyone or any living thing (except for plants) to be THAT tall! And you're calling me a tall girl when i'm only 172cm ??

PuiMun's crafty board - thumbs up!

During the gathering, there was nothing for me to do in the day so i did what i always do best - photographing. How i enjoyed running here and there, sweating my fats out and bloating my camera up. There was almost nothing to not be taken a picture of!

Scarf design competition.

They had to do it within the given time. So many "gah chang".

After all the sweat, we laid back awhile in the prefect's room. That was the only place for us committee members to sit and relax.

Too relaxed??

The prefect's room became our hideout when the game of 'signature hunt' began. Contestants were to chase after us; not to get our phone numbers or make an appointment, but to get our signatures. No, they don't admire us but simply needed to complete the task by collecting all of the committee members' initials. They don't get them so easily. Riddles were given and after guessing who owns the riddle, they'll have to do a simple task. Once passed, they gain what they want - the sign. I bet you wouldn't have any idea what my riddle meant:

Goodbye S80.
Marry me D90.

Champion of Signature Hunt - the happy LoosenTan.

Unlike the following picture, the so called simple task that i mentioned given to the signature hunt participants were not as easy as masak-masak (even though to me cooking is no simple thang at all).

Cooking competition. I, as a lady, feels shameful to the fact that this guy cooks so much better than i. Heck, i don't even know how to cook! Cook using photoimpact can lah...

They had to sing songs in public and perform pervert-looking actions that came with the lyrics. Song title; "Hi, my name is Joe."

Some very sporting scouts doing 'the song'.

Shy to do that? Then have your only pair of shirt and trousers get wet under this;

That's why i said, it's not as easy as masak-masak. You get wet clothes instead of delicious meals like this one here;

It was a pleasure to be able to have a taste on every one of 'em! There were curry meat, chinese cuisine, soup, juices, and desserts - just to name a few.

I didn't take any pictures of the Iron Guide and Iron Scout competition though. It is a game that tests your stamina, strength and speed. Basically a lot to do with physical stress, in my opinion.

White rose.


Usually gatherings like this ends late at night or sometimes very early in the morning of the next day. We didn't see the necessity of dragging the day's events just to live up to a late closing. And thus had our time managed well so that it will provide enough time for the guests to start making up bedtime stories about the gathering to their siblings. I think it ended at around 8pm.

The MCs of the evening.

Dance performances, scarf design presentations, advertising competitions, singing, cheers, supportive yells and commands, etc. - they all took place in the SMC Upper Hall that evening. It was awesome!

Banner presentation. My highlighted event of the day.

Another thing that i was grateful for being made as one of the judges was... i had the best view ever for my CAMERA! How can i not be grateful for that, tell me! It would have been better if i sat on a ladder though. Haha.

Short enjoy-yourself breaks on the dance floor.

I am one who sets a very high standard on myself like i said before and no doubt, more or less, will be on others too in certain areas, and especially on the contestants. I have high expectations when it comes to art and design. And because i personally feed on critiques more than compliments, i did the same to the contestants. It wasn't a tough thing to spot the flaws like, "Why is the dragon's eye, as defined to be red, is yellow instead?" even when it was clear the painter must have missed out that part. I can be rather a pain in the ass, unfortunately.

Champion of the banner competition. This is the 1st layer.

The 2nd layer that was released to roll down, trashing the ground with silvery bits of papers.

No doubt, i was reluctant in choosing the winner. Simply because i didn't thought they deserved it. Their winning was due to the other contestant's minor mistakes, i reckon.

I didn't quite like their cliche idea of releasing the 2nd layer of the banner like the way i described in the captions. The idea was already used (by me) in last year's SMI Gathering and it was very bold of them to recycle reuse it. I know the idea isn't a copyrighted one, but hello, there are more than a-thousand-and-one other ideas that can be used! Like maybe have the first layer turn into shredded pieces of paper with a small blast as a sound effect, revealing the second layer with a glow. Or maybe burn up the layer with fire from the middle, and revealing the fire-proof second layer. That would have definitely made things easier for us judges, and for me. Also, would have awed the crowd. In my opinion, the respond of the crowd matters more than the judges'.

There were five schools, i think, that participated in this competition.

It was a pity really. Perhaps you may argue that the way you present doesn't really matter since it's only the artwork that counts. I am sorry but i refuse to see it that way. Art is the expression of one's creativity through presentations of shapes, colors and so on. So the way it is presented does matter in a way.

I love art very much, but ironically, art can really make me discontented sometimes.

PS: Sorry about the lengthy post and the awful lot of comments on the banner competition. I have been wanting to release these thoughts for a very long time - five months.

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belz said...

nice cover on the gathering. enjoyed looking through the pics in ur blog. :)

belz said...

came across ur blog and i thought that you wrote a nice cover on the gathering. abt what anon said, the two-layered banner did started way earlier ie 2001. but i have to compliment u on the wrath of the wind banner, i still rmb how it looks.

anw, i enjoyed looking through the pics in your blog. keep it up :)

Mabel Low said...

Belz ; Yes i know it wasn't a new thing about the two-layered banner, but at least some improvisations to freshen things up?

Sad lah that i wasn't there when the banner was presented. :(
I only had pictures to feed on. And hey, thanks for droppin' by my blog! ;D

belz said...

oh where were u when the banner was presented? nah not a prob, nice pics to feast my eyes upon :)

Mabel Low said...

Belz ; I was supposed to be presenting with Angelyn. But because i have to rush to another event in my church, i handed it over to YenMei. :( Sad really. But they did a great job on the presentation, exactly how i planned it to be!

Chingy said...

Hey, stumbled upon here when was googling for 4th unit. Neway, on the two layer thing; it was used way back during our days, and I believe we should be open and learn to accept on what other schools have come up with.

Ideas can be reused. And it's not trademarked that way.

But glad 4th unit is doing better and better.


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