Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rebelious Come Back.

Time to take a break and start penning here! Woohoo!

It's good to get away awhile from the so-called 'nerdmosphere' where all you do is hit the book and scramble all the pages into your brains like mashed potatoes. Thus it is good to be rebellious at times like this!

I must say, after so very long of not doing any artsy stuff got me itchy all over, literally. Makes me really wanna get myself into one of those late night projects that i have had since Form 1. Really missed those days......

Recollecting myself; Ahem. Coming back here. I haven't exactly been away from the cyberworld. No, not completely 100% authentically away. I confess that i did sneak into facebook just to browse around and then off the computer. I know, i broke one of my laws but what the hell i am my own jury. Wahahah...

Like i said before, i got itchy all over. That's what got me started on my drawings again; the one hobby that i have long stopped practicing yet am still loving it very much.

The pages for my class 5ORCHID which will be published in this year's school magazine.

The front cover of my church's Sunday School Mini Magazine; 2nd Edition.

I know they aren't exactly cartooney doodles that are supposed to be unorganized. You'll probably expect some scribbling sort pictures that i've drawn during these period of stress. No, i do have little drawings here and there but just too many to be placed in here. :S Besides, i don't think they're worth looking at. Hehe.

Anyhow, i'll let you see one.

The picture says it all.

This one contains some inside story. Since i rarely write such painful happenings down into solid alphabetical form, my itchy fingers decided to just draw. Look how space efficient it is! No? Hehe.

I have so much to say here, so many things that happened during the absense of my updates. I guess i'll leave it for next time in order to keep this post short/ to not get too long.

Bye bye.

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