Friday, August 28, 2009

New Banner. New Header!


Task hours:

I noticed that whenever it's the exam seasons, i get creative all over. Ideas just come out of no where, overflowing my mind and urging me to pour 'em out. Usually when things like this happen, i simply write them down, seeing that my memory don't really serve me very well.

That's why the sudden updates when i thought of resorting to my studies til my exams are over. Thus the pictures start appearing in my blog again due to my rebellious nature towards me books. So i guess you figured out the reason why i changed the blog header. Can't put precious inspirations and ideas to waste. *winks*

I know i know. I look fat in the picture. Mind you, do see it at another perspective; i'm perfectly healthy! ;D Even if i do have sexy abs, you can't expect me to be showing 'em right at the top of my blog right?? For your information, i do have six sexy packs. I just prefer to keep them underneath my fats. Hehe.

In case if you haven't seen my previous blog header, here it is.

I think the previous white themed one was a fun one to do. Simple but complicated at the same time. And very tedious as well...

And now, in comparison with the old one, here's the new one. What do you think??

"So what if i don't have a DSLR? I am still a jolly photographer"

Notice that instead of changing the header only i changed my profile picture and had it link with the header. Hehe.

"Though i can be jollier with a DSLR"

The drafting of this new header was rather incomplete. Had to waste some time thinking while i was doing this. Usually i would prefer to sketch it out on some paper then do accordingly, modifying or simplifying stuffs along the way to save time. But at least i completed it within a day so i don't have to steal any time from my study hours.

As usual, i would appreciate it very much if you could just drop me a word or so (comments / critiques / whatsoever ) for the sake of me improving. Really, please don't hesitate!

PS: the shout out in the picture are the words i use to tell myself over and over again before i one day can own a DSLR, but contradicted by the profile picture which expresses my desire. Wanna donate one of those gadgets to me?? :P

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