Friday, August 28, 2009

New Banner. New Header!


Task hours:

I noticed that whenever it's the exam seasons, i get creative all over. Ideas just come out of no where, overflowing my mind and urging me to pour 'em out. Usually when things like this happen, i simply write them down, seeing that my memory don't really serve me very well.

That's why the sudden updates when i thought of resorting to my studies til my exams are over. Thus the pictures start appearing in my blog again due to my rebellious nature towards me books. So i guess you figured out the reason why i changed the blog header. Can't put precious inspirations and ideas to waste. *winks*

I know i know. I look fat in the picture. Mind you, do see it at another perspective; i'm perfectly healthy! ;D Even if i do have sexy abs, you can't expect me to be showing 'em right at the top of my blog right?? For your information, i do have six sexy packs. I just prefer to keep them underneath my fats. Hehe.

In case if you haven't seen my previous blog header, here it is.

I think the previous white themed one was a fun one to do. Simple but complicated at the same time. And very tedious as well...

And now, in comparison with the old one, here's the new one. What do you think??

"So what if i don't have a DSLR? I am still a jolly photographer"

Notice that instead of changing the header only i changed my profile picture and had it link with the header. Hehe.

"Though i can be jollier with a DSLR"

The drafting of this new header was rather incomplete. Had to waste some time thinking while i was doing this. Usually i would prefer to sketch it out on some paper then do accordingly, modifying or simplifying stuffs along the way to save time. But at least i completed it within a day so i don't have to steal any time from my study hours.

As usual, i would appreciate it very much if you could just drop me a word or so (comments / critiques / whatsoever ) for the sake of me improving. Really, please don't hesitate!

PS: the shout out in the picture are the words i use to tell myself over and over again before i one day can own a DSLR, but contradicted by the profile picture which expresses my desire. Wanna donate one of those gadgets to me?? :P

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Artsy Workshop PJCAD.

Happened on the 24th and 25th August 2009.
From 0930 - 1430 earth hours.

Overall i think it was rather good but quite boring at the beginning when they did the introduction (all intros are boring right? Mine is exceptional). All that i was waiting for was the assignments or tasks or the work on the shops that will be given to the groups. My group consist of AmeliaLim (who eventually quit later), ChrisNg (linked herself to fashion designing), SyanYuen and TzeLing. And the task was to create/design an interior/ clothe/ packaging+logo using the given raw materials. Sounds pretty easy huh? You wouldn't think so if you found out that they didn't have any sewing machines for you to put your clothe together. Even the thread used is wool, the ones mums use to knit baby clothes for their lil ones. And i'm serious.

No uhu gum. Limited color papers. Pearl beads (like my grandma's). And... (wth) wool with 3.5inches long needle.

Our group chose to take up all three tasks. With an empty white shirt given to us, we made it into a long almost-body-fitting tshirt and added a hand-made vest.

Me & Chris.

This one's incomplete. Still many more to do. *shiver* Both of us had to sew the chips one-by-one onto the vest layout. I didn't enjoy it much.

Of course it was impossible to finish on the first day itself so Chris took it home and completed it. She did some finishing touches the next day.

Me, Chris, TzeLing (our chosen model) & ShanYuen.

Be prepared to see the transformation. Lol.

The front.

The back.

I'm just really happy that we got to finish it in time. Thank goodness they allowed us to bring it back home.

While Chris was finishing on her lovely dress, ShanYuen assisted me in my last minute decision to do the interior designing. At first we didn't thought to take up this task since the abundance of ideas that we poured out seemed rather impossible to be executed. But the thought of not doing it seem like a waste to me and had my mind unintentionally occupying my afternoon naps by thinking about it. The decision of not doing it in the first place made me restless.... Pfft.

So ya, i individually took it up and managed to finish it with of course, the assistance from my team mates. Ta-daa!

A runway themed boutique.

Notice the cones under the runway? They're lights. Hehe.

The idea is to have the customers feel like they are on the actual runway while shopping here. And by the way, we chose 'RUNWAY' to be the name of our product/brand. Nice huh? *winks*

Next up, we have our packaging and a closer view of our logo.

Last minute design by me.

Before i started on the interior design, i rush to complete this. Managed it in 40minutes before handling it to ShanYuen for the touch up.

Why so simple? Because i wanted to attract more attention to the logo on the transparent plastic. Customers can also see the product that they have bought inside the box. Classical, i call it.

Bag packaging done by TzeLing, ShanYuen & assisted by AmeliaLim.

The bag is another reason why i made a new packaging (the box). Wanted to make this err... elegant and fun (?) styled bag as a limited edition. LOL.

Our model pretty hor??

And so are some of the other models ;)

Time for presentation done by me and Chris. Frankly, i jolly enjoyed the presentation part rather than the process, though i didn't mind the brainstorm session. Seriously, too excited to have stage fright.

I didn't quite manage to present all the main points properly and even missed out a few. But i think it was good enough to earn some compliments from the lecturers ;D Good job Mabel! Haha.

Oh by the way, the lecturer complimented my box. He liked the idea of the 'attracting attention toward the logo'. Woohoo~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rebelious Come Back.

Time to take a break and start penning here! Woohoo!

It's good to get away awhile from the so-called 'nerdmosphere' where all you do is hit the book and scramble all the pages into your brains like mashed potatoes. Thus it is good to be rebellious at times like this!

I must say, after so very long of not doing any artsy stuff got me itchy all over, literally. Makes me really wanna get myself into one of those late night projects that i have had since Form 1. Really missed those days......

Recollecting myself; Ahem. Coming back here. I haven't exactly been away from the cyberworld. No, not completely 100% authentically away. I confess that i did sneak into facebook just to browse around and then off the computer. I know, i broke one of my laws but what the hell i am my own jury. Wahahah...

Like i said before, i got itchy all over. That's what got me started on my drawings again; the one hobby that i have long stopped practicing yet am still loving it very much.

The pages for my class 5ORCHID which will be published in this year's school magazine.

The front cover of my church's Sunday School Mini Magazine; 2nd Edition.

I know they aren't exactly cartooney doodles that are supposed to be unorganized. You'll probably expect some scribbling sort pictures that i've drawn during these period of stress. No, i do have little drawings here and there but just too many to be placed in here. :S Besides, i don't think they're worth looking at. Hehe.

Anyhow, i'll let you see one.

The picture says it all.

This one contains some inside story. Since i rarely write such painful happenings down into solid alphabetical form, my itchy fingers decided to just draw. Look how space efficient it is! No? Hehe.

I have so much to say here, so many things that happened during the absense of my updates. I guess i'll leave it for next time in order to keep this post short/ to not get too long.

Bye bye.


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