Friday, July 10, 2009

Tragic Bird Story

Pikkaboo! I was really eager to get out of this nesty, stuffy place. Pfft. Kinda dry too. But what i didn't know was the one step to get out would hurt so much. I landed with a thump!

Man, i need a body checkup! What if i have internal bleeding!! But it doesn't really hurt so much though.

What really hurt was my stomach. I was hungry much. Someone, feed me!!!

Eh? Hey you with the black thing, you got something for me??

Oh i know, you're here to check whether i have any problems right, doc?

Ouch ouch, watch it! Oh.. now i'm feelin' it. Oh...

Hey nurse, i'm likin' this stretching exercise. It's kinda fun. But it's really quite tiring.

Oh i need a rest. Urgh... I'm a bit nervous for the results. So how did i do??

What i'm healthy? Oh thank God!! Hey, mum and dad, i had my first body check up!

Don't worry, i'm doing fine. Their taking me indoors. Wait.. indoors??

Nooo!!! Don't eat me!!! Noooo... Uh? Oh, no thank you. You can have the ice kacang to yourself. I'm feelin' kinda chilly here.

What's with the hole there, brother? Some one died?

WHAT?! I died??

Man... i'm still hungry. Mum, dad?


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