Friday, July 17, 2009

Imaginations Within

Imagination, the thing that kept me youthful and alive. Harmless, i thought. Perfectly harmless. Wandering off and coming back only when you want to. Colors. Yes, the one element that this thing possesses and cannot be bleached. Imaginations.

I believe i had a strong set. I remember, it was so strong that i couldn't sleep every Saturday night simply because in the day i watched "Ghostbuster". I cried, even! I saw half vivid images of those colourful 2D cartoons which now i thought was poorly drawn. It was terror for me. It was.

It was the same set that made my sleeping nights worth remembering. It filled my childhood sleep with dreams that after 14years, i can still recall. Dreams that left stains of drools on my pillow. It accompanied me whenever i encountered sleepless nights. Faithful it was.

It became my sister, my brother, my friend. Eventually it merged and became a part of me. I grew up with it. It went well with my piano classes. Every abstract melody i play records my thoughts within. Tears, anger, smiles, etc. are all within the melodious notes - words that only i can understand - written by my imagination. It composes well.

Of course, it went terrifically well with art. For once, i thought perfection existed when these two chemicals were combined together. Blind me but you'll never stop me from seeing. Cover my ears, but i will still hear. It's all in this set that was installed in me at birth. It's authentic.

It was all as hard as simple. Just so simple. Until now....
It started to fuse with the feelings of doubt, anguish, anger, etc. None that is good. Neither is the outcome. The results; moodiness, headaches, burdens, lost of appetite. It's no good at all. Come to think about it, imaginations do have it's black and whites; the parts that we often choose not to see.

Silence can be so loud with it, triggering nerves that make you tremble. The unseen made obvious and sometimes lies turned into facts. All generated by a piece of imagination. People become uncertain. Some suddenly loose confidence, while others decide they have none at all. It's almost like forming a gun with your hand and die as you pretend to pull the non-existing trigger. Deadly.

Imagination, the thing that kept me youthful and alive, and may take 'em away instantly. Exeunt.

* * *

By the way, I signed in into twitter. I'm still quite blur in there so will take some time to brush things up.

Also, if i haven't said it yet, then i'll say it now. My dad won't be investing into a dSLR for me. Will have to earn it myself. Haih.

I think that's all i have to say here. Waves~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tragic Bird Story

Pikkaboo! I was really eager to get out of this nesty, stuffy place. Pfft. Kinda dry too. But what i didn't know was the one step to get out would hurt so much. I landed with a thump!

Man, i need a body checkup! What if i have internal bleeding!! But it doesn't really hurt so much though.

What really hurt was my stomach. I was hungry much. Someone, feed me!!!

Eh? Hey you with the black thing, you got something for me??

Oh i know, you're here to check whether i have any problems right, doc?

Ouch ouch, watch it! Oh.. now i'm feelin' it. Oh...

Hey nurse, i'm likin' this stretching exercise. It's kinda fun. But it's really quite tiring.

Oh i need a rest. Urgh... I'm a bit nervous for the results. So how did i do??

What i'm healthy? Oh thank God!! Hey, mum and dad, i had my first body check up!

Don't worry, i'm doing fine. Their taking me indoors. Wait.. indoors??

Nooo!!! Don't eat me!!! Noooo... Uh? Oh, no thank you. You can have the ice kacang to yourself. I'm feelin' kinda chilly here.

What's with the hole there, brother? Some one died?

WHAT?! I died??

Man... i'm still hungry. Mum, dad?


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Empire Discovery

The same old project that probably all Pendidikan Moral students are required to do - Charity Work. Our teacher instructed us to clean a certain school compound for roughly 80 minutes.

And so we had to change to our sports attires and wait til the time comes before we start work.

WeiWei & EvonLee.

We even had to take pictures of ourselves working for proof. Will be using the photographs in handwritten folio. Such hassle wasn't necessary, i thought.

Yuashini & PuiMun.

The place assigned to us had nothing but dry leaves on not-at-all-dry grass. We could do nothing but fake the cleaning up.


Tell me, what is there to sweep?


We have school workers who are rather hardworking. So what is there to water?


Brushing here brushing there. Our only goal was to kill time. That's all.


Though it wasn't necessary, we just proceeded with out 'duties'. Like displacing a flower pot and pretend to put it back for sake of taking one picture.

In the process, we had to disturb a few of the citizen's daily activity. Sorry mate.

Even i was faking. Lol.

Until one point, when we explored other areas, we found something that fed us with much interest.

A termite nest. Yes, that's what it is. I was lucky to have brought my dad's camera. Thus, managed to get an almost perfect macro shot!

You have no idea how contented i was that day, despite the much loss in time. What do you think of the shot??

We had nothing to dig with but a broken piece of brick. Had to rely on the barely sharp point.

Look at the amazing piece of junk! Can you imagine making this with your saliva! Fascinating!!

The overall view isn't really that nice but if you take a closer look, it'll take your breath away!! Mmm... and yeah, it's all smashed. Their counter attacks by big termite tanks kinda fail terribly. Haha.

We left it alone afterwards. Its all abandoned on the surface.


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