Monday, June 15, 2009

Painted Header

Hello all! I'm back again!

First off, some updates on my piano exam in KL. Not too bad, not too good either. Thought i could have done better if i got over my own nerves. Blah. My hands were shaking as soon as my fingers made contact with the grand piano. It wasn't the examiners' faults, neither was the freezing temperature. Just me. Blah again. Talk about it some other time.

Notice i have a new header? Try zooming in (press ' ctrl ' and ' + ' ).

It was really fun to do! All the shooting, posing, sweating and also the editing - the part that brings the most dirt to my hands. Even editing brings much sweat. Pfft. But at least, this should be able to cover the paint ball activity that i missed yesterday. *trying to get over it...

Oh, and in case any of you haven't seen my previous layout, here it is; (Click to enlarge)

And now, i have bleached it and splashed the white with colors. Ta-daa!

Those little worms workin' on the painting, they're all me. Yes, every one of 'em. Me in one place at one of many times each.

Another thing is i no longer label it as 'mabel's blog'. Using a meaningless name; marbelous which i thought kinda rhymes with mabel low. Hehe. Don't forget to drop your missiles/comments. Til next time, admire this to the fullest!

P.s: Please rate my header at my poll on the right. Thanks loads!

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