Friday, June 19, 2009

SMI Gathering 2009 - Light In The Darkness

30th May 2009. There was a fourth formers gathering for scouts and guides in St. Michael's Institution. Starts at about a couple of hours before dinner.

This is their theme banner.

Like every other gatherings, I, having much passion in art, faithfully represented SMC in the banner competition. Hehe.

I've been in this sorta thing for almost 4years now. Not at all bored of it. Why - the pictures explains it all.

This picture's really random. Was mixing some paints; black with white to get the grey i want, and found this (i hope the pic isn't too small);

Every banner i did has to have some differences between 'em. The one in Sam Tet, i applied some 3D effect by attaching a handmade cardboard coffin as the theme was 'Haunted Mansion'. Last year's banner competition in SMI (Wrath of the Wind), i made a plastic layer that rolls down on the 4x2m banner, serving to reveal a hidden creature from the banner.

As for this year, i decided to make use of lights.

Draining a total of six hours in the making of this figure. Pfft.

As we all know, light is composed of a series of colors. And the combination of all the colors are white.

The multiple colors at the back represents the many races around the world with a vast variety of cultures, all moving to one towards the red figure. The fiery figure is simply a symbol of passion and strength which i used it to represent us in our guiding/scouting realm.

As for the grey part, they're actually cracks. I don't think you can see it clearly in this picture. It is framed with black, the darker color since i wanted to make an illumination effect - light from the multitudes of colors spreading towards darker areas to lightened 'em up.

Lights were put offed when i finished explaining about about the banner. This is how it looks like (extracted from Angelyn's blog)

Our downfalls, pains, etc. are the darkness in our lives. Because of them, we learn how to treasure precious happy moments and have learning abilities. I found a definition stating that darkness is the absence of light. But in opposing to that statement, i threw the audience a question - and i will do the same now - How is there light if there was no darkness?

Edible. Very filling.

It was a good experience and this was also my very last participation in a banner competition. No more chance now. Will be handing it all down to the juniors. Sobs.

The night went on with many competitions. I won't go into detail about the competitions since i noticed that some others blogs have already done that. So, i'll simply feed you with pictures only lah.

SueLi - MC participant in singing competition. The only shot i thought is good enough among the other ones. What to do, not enough light.

There were moments when we, the leaders, got really tensed. Our people weren't cooperative enough. Their spirit were subsiding. It could be boredom, or it could be tiredness. Too many possibilities that is impossible to be listed down.

Tension moments - leaders giving their piece of mind to the members.

With all our might, we tried our very best to boost up the energy of our people. Semangat!

SookYee & Raeshma, guiding in yells and cheers.

We had a few rounds of dancing. Everyone enjoyed the blasting atmosphere; jumping, singing, cheering and supporting, junks and trashes. Ahem. I thought it was like doing cardio exercises. Talk about extreme lost of body fluid! Dang stuffy man!

SMC won the most competitions, thus taking hold of the overall champion award. Nothing much to brag about, really. Such a tinee-weenee thing, what is there to brag about? I almost thought it was just a sourvenior, ones that are given to the schools which participated.

Even the Best Banner award was small.

I'll tell you what's the big fuss all about when i update the post on my school's gathering, held on 18 April 2009.

Hazardous rants;
So much of a competition, man. Thought my efforts paid off since i did strive to make this banner my best. Content i was, but it's pissifying to know i was the only participant. In other words, instant champion without even competing. Who in the world bothers about winning or loosing. Maybe you do, but i could care less about that!
I had high hopes of meeting a competitor worth admiring at, one that really makes you nod and say to yourself, "This fella's real good!" or maybe "This is so damn exciting!". All the thrill, gone! It was simply oh-so-dull. Frankly, my deepest thoughts concluded that my participation wasn't worth, at all. I join just for the thrill of it, and because of that, i was very very disappointed. Pure dung, man.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Painted Header

Hello all! I'm back again!

First off, some updates on my piano exam in KL. Not too bad, not too good either. Thought i could have done better if i got over my own nerves. Blah. My hands were shaking as soon as my fingers made contact with the grand piano. It wasn't the examiners' faults, neither was the freezing temperature. Just me. Blah again. Talk about it some other time.

Notice i have a new header? Try zooming in (press ' ctrl ' and ' + ' ).

It was really fun to do! All the shooting, posing, sweating and also the editing - the part that brings the most dirt to my hands. Even editing brings much sweat. Pfft. But at least, this should be able to cover the paint ball activity that i missed yesterday. *trying to get over it...

Oh, and in case any of you haven't seen my previous layout, here it is; (Click to enlarge)

And now, i have bleached it and splashed the white with colors. Ta-daa!

Those little worms workin' on the painting, they're all me. Yes, every one of 'em. Me in one place at one of many times each.

Another thing is i no longer label it as 'mabel's blog'. Using a meaningless name; marbelous which i thought kinda rhymes with mabel low. Hehe. Don't forget to drop your missiles/comments. Til next time, admire this to the fullest!

P.s: Please rate my header at my poll on the right. Thanks loads!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Piano Exam!

Monday, June 8, 2009

SMC Sports Day '09

Updates updates! I know you must be silently saying "Finally!". I heard you alright.

Sports day was a long time ago. Happened somewhere in March. This means that i'm actually updating a not updated post of a past event. Hehe. I'll just keep it all short and.. err.. short. Let's proceed!

Great that i was able to have a play in a game of badminton three days ago. What's not so great was, i injured two of my fingers at the end of the game. My last two fingers (the ringman and the little one) got hit by the racket of my teammate.

Like i said before in my previous post, we had a rehearsal before the actual Sports Day. I did take quite a number of pictures, but i've only chosen a few to display it here since i have to keep it short.
Sport's Day '09

It was quite a tiring day for me. All the running had really worn me out. Just look at the sun man!
Sport's Day '09

I seriously feel for the marchers. The heat, the sweat, the tiredness, the rehearsal itself. Pooh!
Sport's Day '09

Good thing there were stalls outside of the stadium. Had to queue up to buy these fresheners. Mmm... one cup was definitely not enough.
Sport's Day '09

Then came the actual day, a Saturday morning, when the sun has just awakened.
Sport's Day '09

Marching was first. So, just to name a few;

Sport's Day '09

Sport's Day '09

Sport's Day '09

Sport's Day '09

Nevermind who won and who didn't. Just admire the pictures! Lol. Everyone's attention were actually placed on them marchers, while i drew myself to this amazing view of the second. I just had to snap it!
Sport's Day '09

Then the four colours came in; yellow, red, blue and green.
Sport's Day '09

And oh, i spotted a green ant - the mascot of green house. Creative ay?
Sport's Day '09

Here are the plastics. With paper stickers on 'em.
Sport's Day '09

It's kinda funny spectating from afar. The people are so little! You can just put your hands forward and pretend you're squeezing them with two fingers. Lol! Moreover, they're jumping around. Haha.
Sport's Day '09

Sport's Day '09

Like i said, one cup is just not enough. This was my third i think. Don't worry, i threw it away after the shot... i think.
Sport's Day '09

I was glad that the day came to an end, also because i had so many pictures in my camera!
By the way, this was taken while i was in the car. Was passing by a road in Ipoh old town when the car was stopped by the traffic.
Sport's Day '09

That's all of this outdated update.

Crap talk;
In opposing to the word update, could the word downdate be of any sense? Hmm.. Just wondering.

By the way, i'll be taking my piano exams in KL - Kelana Jaya this Thursday. With this barely-enough-confidence, i hope i'll pass *sobs*.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Three-Month Hybernation

Talk about me being lost in the world of school books, has really got me out of the cyber realm. So many things that i owe you guys out there (though there are not many who stops by here) and my vocabs, i'm loosing them! *Faints.

Seriously, after three months of no critical writing, i've lost almost 75% in my share of words. Argh!

Literally, i was hibernating during my absence; eating words of knowledge and resting as i digest 'em. But instead of doing it all in one go, i had to do it constantly. Thus, draining much energy. I had but enough for facebooking. Throughout these three months, fungus has probably taken over this property of mine.

Along the way there were many happenings that hadn't allow me to have a full hibernation. No doubt, i took many many pictures too. Check out the highlights!

19 Feb. I made an amazing discovery in my school compound. Brilliant architecture, i must say! Don't you think so?

6 March. Sport's Day rehearsal in stadium. I skipped school and went there for a purpose; to take pictures. Note that i wasn't doing it as a duty (as in helping the school magazine or anything of that sort).

7 March. And i did it again on the actual day. My sport of running here and there like nobody's business was simply awesome!

28 March.
(Unsure about the date).
On this day, the Photography & Journalism club has officially revived the newspaper business. The generous participation of some very few people who are not members of the club has made it all happen. I too participated, but guess which corner did i took charge in? Hehe!

29 March. The Rangers went for a hike to polo-ground. I spotted a cute hunk! He approximately 16 years younger than me. But i won't be showing him to you yet. Teehee.

4 April. Went all the way to Pusing for a banner competition. Do you think we won?

5 April. My grandmother's younger brother's son; otherwise also known as my father's cousin and my uncle - it was his 25th birthday. We had a feast! Yum.

18 April. The ever so famous Main Convent Gathering organized by the 4th Unit Rangers committee members of 2009 has successfully created history on this day.

26 April. I began my photography in the floral area. Now, i have started arranging them. What experience!

28 April. Scenes after a theft in my house. With this very effective weapon, which only works well with very high defense, the thief didn't manage to escape.

12 May. A murder scene in the kitchen. Who did it??

30 May. SMI's 02 Kinta 4th Formers Gathering 2009, themed Light in the Darkness. Great one, really.

But what was less awesome was the banner competition that i joined. What do you think happened?

That should cover the headlines throughout the months. I cannot promise that i will be able to update anytime soon, but i assure you, i will definitely elaborate on these headlines and not leave them hanging like this. It's just the matter of when will i do it.

By the way, i've been wanting to tell you guys about my old camera; the Canon PowerShot A530 - i've sold it for a few hundreds to a friend of mine. Barely enough to get a dSLR though.

Yes, i have planned to marry that gadget, and i still do intend in doing so. Money can really get in the way at times. Pfft. But for once, I just forget about my dad not contributing any money to make me wife of a digital SLR when he bought an ice-kacang machine sometime ago. Heck, what is better than having ice-kacang whenever you want in this ever so hot weather?!

Got to run now. Till we meet again, people!

P.s. About the free blog hosting programme that i took into consideration, i think i'm content with my current blog. Thanks for your votes on my poll anyway (:

P.s.s. Wonder whether i'll be able to change my header.. Hmm...


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