Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Chance Is Here!

I stumbled upon a post in shaowei's blog about an offer of a free domain. Seriously, FREE! But strictly for serious bloggers like me only.

Seems like there were a number of people who have gotten the offer but eventually quit blogging. Just registering a domain name costs around USD10. Imagine how much they have wasted. I find it to be rather silly to simply throw away this opportunity.

This offer calls for all blogspot and wordpress users only. It's called the Domain & Hosting Sponsorship program. You can check it out here.,, are the sponsors of this program. Get the chance to fully own a domain and content. All you need to achieve is:
  1. Update your blog at least twice a week.
  2. You must build traffic and maintain at least 100 unique visitor/days at the 6th month and achieve 200 unique visitor/days after the 11th month from this sponsorship program (Adjustable depending on performance)
  3. You must maintain a sponsor's banner and a link of the sponsor on your blog
  4. Write a short story or review about this sponsorship program on your current blog (Blogspot or wordpress).
  5. Your current blog must more than 3 months old with 5 back links from other blogs.

That simple!
Once you've gotten through, you will get:
  1. 1 Domain Name(.Com .Net .Org)
  2. 1 GB Hosting Space
  3. 10 GB Bandwidth
  4. 1 MySQL Database (applicant can request to add on)
  5. 1 FTP (applicant can request to add on)
  6. 1 Mail Account (applicant can request to add on)
  7. Cpanel Web Hosting Control Panel

I must say, this is a really rare opportunity! To apply or to inquire, just email “” with the title “Domain and Hosting Sponsorship Program 2009

Terms and Conditions apply
**Sponsorship Agreement will be given to protect your benefit, domain and content ownership.

(Offer valid from 31March 2009 - 31 December 2009)

I'm on my to get it, it's up to you whether you want to join me or not. =P
Meanwhile, i really have to think of a suitable domain name. Any suggestions??

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