Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Chance Is Here!

I stumbled upon a post in shaowei's blog about an offer of a free domain. Seriously, FREE! But strictly for serious bloggers like me only.

Seems like there were a number of people who have gotten the offer but eventually quit blogging. Just registering a domain name costs around USD10. Imagine how much they have wasted. I find it to be rather silly to simply throw away this opportunity.

This offer calls for all blogspot and wordpress users only. It's called the Domain & Hosting Sponsorship program. You can check it out here.,, are the sponsors of this program. Get the chance to fully own a domain and content. All you need to achieve is:
  1. Update your blog at least twice a week.
  2. You must build traffic and maintain at least 100 unique visitor/days at the 6th month and achieve 200 unique visitor/days after the 11th month from this sponsorship program (Adjustable depending on performance)
  3. You must maintain a sponsor's banner and a link of the sponsor on your blog
  4. Write a short story or review about this sponsorship program on your current blog (Blogspot or wordpress).
  5. Your current blog must more than 3 months old with 5 back links from other blogs.

That simple!
Once you've gotten through, you will get:
  1. 1 Domain Name(.Com .Net .Org)
  2. 1 GB Hosting Space
  3. 10 GB Bandwidth
  4. 1 MySQL Database (applicant can request to add on)
  5. 1 FTP (applicant can request to add on)
  6. 1 Mail Account (applicant can request to add on)
  7. Cpanel Web Hosting Control Panel

I must say, this is a really rare opportunity! To apply or to inquire, just email “” with the title “Domain and Hosting Sponsorship Program 2009

Terms and Conditions apply
**Sponsorship Agreement will be given to protect your benefit, domain and content ownership.

(Offer valid from 31March 2009 - 31 December 2009)

I'm on my to get it, it's up to you whether you want to join me or not. =P
Meanwhile, i really have to think of a suitable domain name. Any suggestions??

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Surprise on Josh (P3)

Supper time! It was a long time since i last shot on food.

After games, after washing up, we devoured on the food.

If i'm not mistaken, this is a mango flavoured cake.

Didn't use the flash for this one. That's why, kinda blur.

I assume this year Josh has had two birthday cakes. Lol. One here and one on his b'day dinner.

Take a closer look at the surprise we gave him.

Mmm... Big Apple Donuts! Darn, blurry.

Thanks to Hansel! It was he who brought 'em that night.

Nothing very heavy. Just little tit bits.

And so, this is the end of Josh's B'day Dinner.

While feasting, there was a beautiful display of our money turning into firecrackers cracking in the darkness of night. One by one the coins fall off the sky, exploded for once and turned into smoke forever. Yes, expensive fireworks displayed by the government. See it here soon!


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