Friday, February 27, 2009

Surprise On Josh (P2)

Here's the continuation of Surprise on Josh (P1)! This is it, the 'surprise' that
we have all been waiting for!

This is the weapon. Will tell you what we planned to use this later.

Our last came, conducted by CaseyTan. Was sort of like an impromptu thing; last minute addition. We had to prepare a few stuffs before we began.

We needed smashed chalks.

Shredded paper. Paper plates. Water. Biscuits. Note; the biscuits weren't edible anymore. Made used of it before throwing 'em away.

We were required to sit cross legs on the table/bench and pass the plates behind overhead. If any bits of anything from the plate drops out, the team will have to pass the same plate again.

The last person then places the plate on the floor without his/her feet touching the ground. If not, restart!

The loosing team will be punished in the end; punishment decided by the winning team after the game.

Next up, the shredded papers. Still easy.

The last one was the hardest. A plate of water.

The plate was soft, mind you. The key is to make the plate into a bowl after it has softened in order to pass.

Josh's team lost (we made sure he hadn't the chance to win). And so, the punishment.

They were ordered to stand in a line, back facing us.

And we threw wet chalk on their backs! Oh, correction, only on Josh's back! Haha. That was the surprise. Before the chalk was of course the cake... But we targeted on the wrong place; instead of his face...

It was successful alright. Haha.

After this, we had a light supper upstairs. That's all for today. A lil too many pictures already. Hehe. Catch ya later!

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