Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Surprise on Josh (P1)

Hello! Remember that i posted something on Josh's B'day Dinner last week? I also mentioned that the youths had a surprise party for him. Here are the pictures taken.. Not very well shot since it was indoors. Some pictures are blur. Sobs.

It was a Saturday night when we had games for youth meeting. It happened to fall on Josh's birthday, so we decided to throw him a surprise. Not so sure whether he had expected it or not though.

SzeMin was one of the persons-in-charge that night. This was her game. Draw a paper out of the bag.

The paper will be labeled as our name. No changing/re-drawing.

Once everybody has gotten their new name, they'll have to memorize the other team members' names.

Trust me, the names are all very random.

None relates to one another.

Randomly unrelated.

After that, a curtain will be placed between the teams. They are required to shout the name of the foremost person behind the curtain after the curtain is dropped.

They were given some time to decide and strategise ( i know, there is no such word as strategise). e.g. who should be placed as the front most and how to confuse the opponent.

Unveil and shout! Only the foremost persons are allowed to shout. Anyone from the team who shouts and is not the front most will not be qualified.

This is an old game we played before; modified a bit at the names part. So it's end of part one. Will be uploading part two in a bit.

Ps: The 'surprise' part has yet to come. Hehe.

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