Friday, February 27, 2009

Surprise On Josh (P2)

Here's the continuation of Surprise on Josh (P1)! This is it, the 'surprise' that
we have all been waiting for!

This is the weapon. Will tell you what we planned to use this later.

Our last came, conducted by CaseyTan. Was sort of like an impromptu thing; last minute addition. We had to prepare a few stuffs before we began.

We needed smashed chalks.

Shredded paper. Paper plates. Water. Biscuits. Note; the biscuits weren't edible anymore. Made used of it before throwing 'em away.

We were required to sit cross legs on the table/bench and pass the plates behind overhead. If any bits of anything from the plate drops out, the team will have to pass the same plate again.

The last person then places the plate on the floor without his/her feet touching the ground. If not, restart!

The loosing team will be punished in the end; punishment decided by the winning team after the game.

Next up, the shredded papers. Still easy.

The last one was the hardest. A plate of water.

The plate was soft, mind you. The key is to make the plate into a bowl after it has softened in order to pass.

Josh's team lost (we made sure he hadn't the chance to win). And so, the punishment.

They were ordered to stand in a line, back facing us.

And we threw wet chalk on their backs! Oh, correction, only on Josh's back! Haha. That was the surprise. Before the chalk was of course the cake... But we targeted on the wrong place; instead of his face...

It was successful alright. Haha.

After this, we had a light supper upstairs. That's all for today. A lil too many pictures already. Hehe. Catch ya later!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Blog Head Number Three.

It's about time now to change my blog header since Valentine's Day has long passed. To make the comparing work easier, here's the screenshot of the Valentine themed header.

And, presenting to you, my new header for now! I've reverted back to the simple design with the choice of brown as my theme color. What do you think?

Initially i wanted to upload it next month, but seeing that my schedule might overload anytime causing me to not be able to update or anything, i decided to skin it now instead. I received a few comments on my Valentine's layout. Thanks guys! Really appreciate it!

I do hope i can get some feedback for this one too. All comments and critiques are most welcomed!

Surprise on Josh (P1)

Hello! Remember that i posted something on Josh's B'day Dinner last week? I also mentioned that the youths had a surprise party for him. Here are the pictures taken.. Not very well shot since it was indoors. Some pictures are blur. Sobs.

It was a Saturday night when we had games for youth meeting. It happened to fall on Josh's birthday, so we decided to throw him a surprise. Not so sure whether he had expected it or not though.

SzeMin was one of the persons-in-charge that night. This was her game. Draw a paper out of the bag.

The paper will be labeled as our name. No changing/re-drawing.

Once everybody has gotten their new name, they'll have to memorize the other team members' names.

Trust me, the names are all very random.

None relates to one another.

Randomly unrelated.

After that, a curtain will be placed between the teams. They are required to shout the name of the foremost person behind the curtain after the curtain is dropped.

They were given some time to decide and strategise ( i know, there is no such word as strategise). e.g. who should be placed as the front most and how to confuse the opponent.

Unveil and shout! Only the foremost persons are allowed to shout. Anyone from the team who shouts and is not the front most will not be qualified.

This is an old game we played before; modified a bit at the names part. So it's end of part one. Will be uploading part two in a bit.

Ps: The 'surprise' part has yet to come. Hehe.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P8)

It's finally the last batch of WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding! A continuation of WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P7).

I know you must be pretty bored with this right? Me too, i apologise for that ya.

The whole day of photographing may be tiring to some, but i still think it's a pretty good sport!

Aunty Elaine made these as a gift. Neat huh?

And oh, i spotted an uninvited guest glaring at me rudely. Hmm.. Sorry mate. Must have been the food? Notice it lost a leg?? Poor fella.

Julian, Hansel, TheCouple, Mabel, EeMeng.

I was drawn by the cuteness of the lil pup. Didn't know it's owner was as cute. Lol.

Look look! More photographers!

Presenting to you the family. Brother WanYee's the youngest among his family, excluding the third generation and in-laws and wife lah.

The next night was the dinner. Only managed to take one picture due to the fact that flash will have to be used indoors. Heh. No good.

Cheer all ye people! This long-winded post-chain has come to an end alas! Now, wondering what i should post next....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P7)

Okay now, only two more batches to go! This is the continuation of WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P6).

Miss maid-of-honor. Was fooling around with my S80. Wahah.

And oh, the food was great, really. Everybody was happy with it, methinks.

Trying out something out of the ordinary since YokeLin was there to take the 'serious' group shots.

Pretty ladies! They said i was too tall, therefore, i leaned on the pulpit.

Choose! The cake of me. Please don't choose me, i don't wanna be cut into pieces. Trust me, i don't taste good.

Ahh.. i knew the cake would be your choice. Now, to disect it.

End of today's post. The next post will be hurrying up!
Oh by the way, i'm still considering whether i should update anything about my day during Valentine's. Hmm...

Friday, February 20, 2009

WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P6)

Man, i think i can't complete this event in this post either. My apologies. I will need a couple of posts more to finish this! And oh, this is a continuation from WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P5)

It was the cutting of the cake session and all the photographers did their jobs, taking up all the strategic spots. Luckily i had this side and since i was YokeLin's assistant, i couldn't choose a spot where she is taking - defeats the purpose of assisting her.

My mother wasn't quite happy with my choice of standing at the side while taking the pictures. She said everybody else stood at the front, targeting at the front while i seemed to be lost at the side. Well, all i felt was satisfaction. Check out what i took.

Initially i intended to just bring out the ring, even attempted on it. But couldn't manage.

Man-of-honor and maid-of-honor.

Another photographer.

Familiar with this kid here? Took it in black and white in my previous batch.

And finally, a group picture.

Yes yes, more to come!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Josh's B'day Dinner

Hello world! I'm finally updating my blog! Wasn't able to update cause i thought of taking a short break - Valentine's break? Hehe. Also because i was preparing for my new header. Nothing big, just as simple as my previous designs. Not so sure whether i've improved or not but stay tune, i will be putting it up real soon!

As for now, more events and more pictures! Whee!

Went to Josh's house few weeks ago (i know, such a long time) to celebrate his birthday in advance. He invited my family and my camera became my date.

I was a bit reluctant to make use of my 'date' though 'cause i'm not so fond of flashed pictures mainly because i'm still not good with it.

So please do pardon the imperfections. Many pictures here have imbalance lighting.

The cake after dinner. Cheesecake... Yum!

Blow wind blow. The flashed spoiled this. Haih.

Can't blow it apart? Then cut it.

Random shot by Julian.

Went up to Josh's room to watch some clips in youtube.

While waiting for the upload, Julian became cheeky. Haha.

Were about to watch left4dead's, and we did. Can't see me in this obviously because i was the camera person.

Five days later, the church youths had a surprise party for him, which was on his actual birthday. Did a prank on him. Lol. Will update on that, but not so soon. Hehe.

Hope you enjoyed this batch! Remember to catch my new header ya!!


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