Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Woots! It's finally the holidays and i've gotten the chance to change my blogskin. Used up almost half a day to complete this one - slightly faster than the one before.

The last time, in my Happy New Year 2009!, I made an announcement regarding my change to a new template. Sadly, new readers didn't get to comment much since they haven't seen the previous template design before. So now, i'll be showing you some screen shots of my previous templates.

Based on a Christmas theme.

This was my very very first self designed personal template. Not the whole thang, just the header. I borrowed the body from the blogger default templates. Hehe.

Personal navvy blue.

Someone frankly voiced out about my too-white template, so i had a go on a darker one. Since i personally like navvy blue, very much, a match of that color with black became my choice. By far, this template's my favourite!

My first self-designed template this year.

I never thought i would get to complete this third template. My first attempt was rather laggish. Was locked to the screen of my laptop until my mac's messenger went on. Chatted as the mac screen bloomed with many many chat windows; completely forgotten about the design. What i managed to do in the six hour period of time, was only paint the background red...........

As usual, comments and critiques are most welcome! For my improvements' sake. By the way, have a happy Chinese New Year!

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