Monday, January 26, 2009

To The New Church

Last Sunday, we didn't have any sunday school class for my class. We went for a tour to our new church since most of us have not seen the site yet. And so i brought my camera along for this purpose. Didn't take much though.

Clear blue sky. It was warm.

These were the youths who went. Not all are in this picture, though.

Can fill up a number of 500-800 people.

Playing around with some close ups.

More close ups. Hehe.

A room behind the hall. Aunty Elaine was explaning the purpose of it; i didn't pay attention. Hehe.

Don't know why, i was eager to take one of these. Eunice shot this for me!

Just in time to shoot this.

They were looking at this view.

In another room. Not so clean neighbours. Hmm.

I very like this! The hole really attracted me. Seriously. I thought it was special or something. I just HAD to snap it!

Ben wondered why i like snapping objects such as this.

More rooms.

The door was locked. Had to climb in this one.

Enter this room and feel tall! Haha.

The view from the room.

Can't wait til the building is done! Will be taking loads and loads of it then.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P5)

I am very very determined to finish up this wedding post! I only have one and a half batch more to go, so please please do bear with me.

I think i should like this batch the most, 'cause the highlighted moments are here! Hehe.
By the way, this is the continuation of WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4).

Shot this one using the auto mode from quite a distance, thus the low quality in terms of clearity.

Many went to the front, so did i.

Lucky me, i found the roses!

Played with it much! Woots.

Confession time! Err... i mean, the vows.

Kinda like this shot. There much details on the bride. It's as if time stopped - or something like that.

It's her turn. Hmm... was trying to do the same to this pictures, but not nice.

Introducing, his parents.

Back to the blessing.

Took this one from the cake deco (see the cake here). Never thought it'd turn out this nice! It was worth trying, really!

This is it!! The lovebirds are completely surrounded by snappers.

Thought of giving myself a short break from snapping, until the little gal came in the frame.

Ahh.. the bridegroom singing. Do you know where i was positioned while taking this one?

Near the stage!! I can't believe i did that! Goodness!

Another shot i love. Or is it the boy that i favour? *shrugs. Who cares; the picture is nice.

Wahaha... On my next post on this, the photos will be as many as this - hopefully. Toodles!

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Woots! It's finally the holidays and i've gotten the chance to change my blogskin. Used up almost half a day to complete this one - slightly faster than the one before.

The last time, in my Happy New Year 2009!, I made an announcement regarding my change to a new template. Sadly, new readers didn't get to comment much since they haven't seen the previous template design before. So now, i'll be showing you some screen shots of my previous templates.

Based on a Christmas theme.

This was my very very first self designed personal template. Not the whole thang, just the header. I borrowed the body from the blogger default templates. Hehe.

Personal navvy blue.

Someone frankly voiced out about my too-white template, so i had a go on a darker one. Since i personally like navvy blue, very much, a match of that color with black became my choice. By far, this template's my favourite!

My first self-designed template this year.

I never thought i would get to complete this third template. My first attempt was rather laggish. Was locked to the screen of my laptop until my mac's messenger went on. Chatted as the mac screen bloomed with many many chat windows; completely forgotten about the design. What i managed to do in the six hour period of time, was only paint the background red...........

As usual, comments and critiques are most welcome! For my improvements' sake. By the way, have a happy Chinese New Year!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

Aiseh, so long i didn't update! Didn't even get to change my blog template so that it would suit the CNY theme. Sigh.

More pictures, a continuation of WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P3). Enjoy!

Remember that i didn't reveal their faces the last time? Now you see 'em.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

Was trying something out.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

Though i don't think there was any effect or anything in these pictures. Failure.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

So i decided to focus on the ones behind the flowers instead.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

JohnLai. Doodling.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

Sigh. Long time didn't edit, even my editings skills dropped. Was attracted my her white dress and the light from the window nearby that seemed like a spotlight.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

Dodged this one a lil. Hehe.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

And then, the mother was in action. Perfect posture, perfect lighting, and i love the shadow a lot! Sadly, i stood at the wrong angle, resulting a slight tilt on the background. *frustrated.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

Took this one from the entrance door lid. Impressive huh?
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

If only i could clear the map! Argh. Sorry, another suckish edit.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

One last shot near the entrance.
WanYee&WaiLeng's Wedding (P4)

Haih. Not enough time to edit the rest. And i still have loads more to post! *continuous sighs*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January's Random

Hello all! School has started once more, but it's gonna be the Chinese New Year soon! Woots! Which means, holiday - away from school!

But then right, i've got to spend the time on studying and homework and stuff. Sigh. What to do, dad's already lecturing me about my after SPM path. He made everything sound as it i'm not anxious, neither am i prepared or bothered about it. He thinks i'm ignorant and not serious. Sigh. What can i say? Taking up graphic design, to him, isn't a serious thing. Art to him is my hobby. Hello? Did you say art is my hobby?? My carier to be is my hobby?? SIGH. Another reason why i didn't bother voicing out anything - there is no necessity to clearify such things - no reason why i should give aid to his understanding.

So yeah, that's exactly what's happening these few days. I shall practice patience. Blah.

My church's Sunday School Magazine is finally out! Was part of the editorial team which consists of Hansel, Joshua, PuiYee, JiYan and me. Also, not forgetting YokeLin as the photographer.
January's Random

Each student (it's actually opened to everybody) are required to send in one article. And here's mind!
January's Random

Remember last time i posted something about selling bookmarks? If not, check 'em out in November's First. Initially, i planned to sell this:
January's Random

It's a bottle with glass painting on it. But then, come to think of it, who would buy it?? That's why this became the kos lepas (some terms from my economic class - hehe).
January's Random

Short post today. Hopefully i can get all my plannings done asap. And, another thing, my dad's rants about my KUMON is annoying. Makes me wanna stop each time he mentions. Pfft.

Okay enough of the rants. Signing off now. Haih.


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