Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flashback Shots of 2008

It's New Year's Eve! Woots! I've been feeling very very tired today. Spent almost half the day sleeping. Gasp! And i haven't completed my new blog template!! Argh, gotta rush!

Anyways, since today is the last day of year 2008, i'd like to post up a number of twelve pictures which i think is worth taking another look at. Something like a flashback? Hehe. Even so, these pictures are not perfect. If you do not know, this is actually my first year taking up photography as something that i favour. So yeah, pardon the imperfections. *smiles.

1st : Lily by the Road
Taken right outside my house.

Lily By The Road

2nd : Conductor
Took this during the Christmas concert recently. Had to wait for that second when he'll hold his has, both of 'em, up!

A Journey of Songs (25th December 2008)

3rd : Emperor's Stand
The bug on the dustpan. Considered as a bokeh? *shrugs.

Emperor's Stand

4th : Inverted Reflection
From mum's garden.

Raindrops on Ixora

5th : Turning Back
Shot this in the BOH tea factory, Cameron Highland. Was on my way out when this cute girl caught my eye. She kept eye-ing on me whenever i held up my camera.

Turning Back
Check out more on this next year.

6th : Happy Yellow
From the school's garden.

Happy Yellow

7th : Morning's Trophy
Mum's garden.

Morning's Trophy

8th : Peek-a-Spider
Taken from mum's backyard.


9th : The Sky
Took this with my Samsung X820's 2.0megapixel camera, when my dad was driving.

The Sky
Will be in the galleries next year.

10th : Honey Bee
From the school garden.

Honey Bee

11th : Sky High
Taken from the front of the hotel that i was staying in Camerons.

Sky High

12th : A Firecracker Blast
During Joshua's birthday in February this year.

A Firecracker Blast
In my galleries next year.

That's all! Happy New Year to all! Will be changing my blogskin sometime around now, and do remember to visit my gallery.

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