Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Menu for 2008

*Update (22Dec'08):
The 'meals' of The Wedding Preparations on day four will be postponed to day five. As for day five's meals, i'll be fitting them into next year's schedule.

Hello all!

Merry Christmas!

Finally! After today, we'll probably start counting down for school to re-open New Year! Woots!

I'm gonna blog about something really short today. It's the Christmas 'menu' for the week while dining at A Piece Of Meself.

1st day:
Yamaha Performance in Tesco Extra, Ipoh
-pictures taken by dad.
The Musical Christmas concert (part1)
-some candids

2nd day:
The Musical Christmas concert
-my very first night event photo shots.

3rd day:
KL - Mamma Mia
-sharing with you the splendid flavors of that Sunday night!
Shopping in KL
-amazing decorations

4th day:
Outing with Evon
-group pictures
Wedding Preparations (?)
-not confirmed.

5th day:
The Wedding and It's Night.
-very very first wedding event for both me and my camera

6th day:
New Header Mission!
-watch me!
Flash Back through Photos
-10 best pictures of the year

If all should go well, the upcoming posts should be according to this schedule. Though, it all may be subjected to changes - only if something pops up unexpectedly.

* * *

By the way, any of you out there that plays minesweeper? The game found in Windows.
I've finally bothered to learn how to play it from the 'help' part. Turns out to be quite an easy game - and not to mention, quite addictive for me!

From 'help' : If a number appears on a square, it indicates how many mines are in the eight squares that surround the numbered one.

Anyways, i was crawling through the different levels; beginner, intermediate, and finally expert. The beginner's sections is simply just a training ground for you to get used to 'reading' the numbers. Intermediate is when the fun begins.

Now, it wasn't a problem leaping over those levels, that is, until i reached the expert's level. Man, i played day and night - was almost to point of giving up even - yet i haven't made it through. That was until yesterday, i played it while waiting for the computer to upload. And walah!



You should give this game a try! No harm being an addict for this, no? Hehe.
Merry Christmas all!

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