Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random Shots

It's gonna be all random today.

I was attending a youth meeting one Saturday. Brought my camera along since it the event was games. Thought i could add more photos to my ICC Youths album. But before that, i went round searching for something to feed my camera.

Any idea what's this? It's a cucumber. A tiny, whiny cucumber. When i said tiny, i'm seriously saying that it's tiny!

Look at the size of the seeds! And yes, you can eat this. They said those kiddos in my church has eaten 'em before. Just like that.

Drew this on the side of the road. Messy. Anyways, back to the event of the day. The games mainly involved water and the aim is simple; we all have to get wet. I didn't manage to take any pictures for the first game. Was busy playing. It was girls vs. guys, by the way.

The second game, is a simple one. No water involved. All we gotta do is just eat blind folded.

The girls' team; playing safe. Sze Wei & Sarah

The guys' team; i have no idea what they were trying to do. Instead of feeding, they were throwing the ice-creams at each other. Hmm...

They hadn't had enough even after the game. Julian & Alvin.
Very short game but it was kinda silly, and funny at the same time.


After lunch, we went to JJ together. There, i managed to take more pictures! Hehe.

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