Thursday, November 13, 2008

MabelArtWork : Dreaming On

It's been such a long time since i last posted my artworks. Didn't really do much editing these days, except for a few banners and a layout. Now that my exams are over, hopefully i can do a little bit of designing; despite that i have two delayed designing projects still undone. Hehe

I did this a couple of months ago, just before my examinations. Was probably using this to remove elements of stress or tension that was present. It's not one of my favorites; a little bit too messy on the text. Could have just kept it simple and less complicated.

I have consulted dad about this dream of mine during a PC Fair in Ipoh. Saw a Nikon dSLR : D60, worth less than 2k. He wasn't even close to deciding whether to buy or not. Just said that a beginner like me shouldn't use a new one, but a second-handed one instead. Wouldn't feel so bad if i dropped/spoilt it, said he. SIGH!

And so, i have to wait. Until i enter college/uni and take up graphics designing, he will have to buy me one! Hehe

ps: Do drop me some comments/feedback on my artwork! I need improvement! Thanks.

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