Friday, November 28, 2008

Mabel says. Quarantine. vs. SAW

Hello all! Feels so good to be able to link myself up with the net once more. Had some unknown problems with the net the pass few days. *shrugs*

Yesterday, enjoyed myself loads! Had a series of fun activities, or rather, did stuffs that i had pleasure in. Went to watch Quarantine in Parade after my two-hour music class (awesome practice!). Watched it with Julian, while SzeWei, who was supposed to join us, couldn't make it due to some last minute emergency work (?).

Anyways, i have always thought Quarantine was a horror movie. That was why i brought along a jacket - i was sure i will be needing it. But to my disappointment, it was just a thriller. My expectations were turned down immediately when the story hits the climax. The movie wasn't really bad, yet not as good as SAW. I have watched SAW 1, all by myself with headphones on and decided that i will never, EVER watch it again ALONE! *shivers* It was nasty, all right! So, compared with Quarantine... I'd prefer SAW.

Probably not all of you out there that has watched Quarantine. I'm sure, most of you would have seen the trailer. It's the reporter, shot through a video camera in night scene mode, being dragged into the dark. Guess what. I didn't find it anywhere in the movie but the ending. Yes, that's right. The trailer WAS the ending. Crappy huh?

The storyline is not bad, except that everybody died/was infected in the end. Bah. On the other hand, SAW has some bones behind the flesh. Even though they have found out the villain behind all the scenes in SAW, and killed him, the game actually has just begun. Interesting huh? You should check out how this insanely genius sick man manipulates others to keep the game going, even after he is DEAD!

Overall, my ratings for Quarantine is 6 out of 10 stars. Credits to the thrilling effect that was marked upon me.

Ps: I wanna watch SAW 2! With someone, and not alone!

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