Sunday, November 2, 2008

Johor Trip (Part 8)

Heya all! I am currently in KL now with Kim, attending the ASHR ceremony. If you're a KUMON student, you are sure to know what the ceremony's all about.

Yesterday i stopped halfway on the pictures of the Desaru Fruit Farm. Here's more! But before that, i apologize if it happens to be boring for you. Sorry ya.

I particularly like this shot. But then on second thoughts, it could have looked better somehow. Hmm...

Got rather frustrated of the reflection 'cause i couldn't shoot anything that's behind the glass. That's why i took this instead.

Did you know that almost all the roles in the bee kingdom are played by the female bee instead of the male? The only purpose the male bees live is to mate the queen and die. Sounds tragic.

The queen bee isn't born to be one. The bees will have a so-called election day to select a female baby. Then the chosen one will be fed with royal jelly, while the other bees feed on honey.

How is honey formed on the hives?? You see, there is no place to 'do their business' except for the walls of the hives. Therefore, the 'product' is on the hives. Whereas the royal jelly, is actually the vomit of a bee. The queen is fed with this jelly mouth-to-mouth from another bee. So imagine, is there much difference between the product that comes out from the mouth, and the one from the arse?? *wonders*

This banana plant is just for display, not edible. That's the reason why it is supported by a stick.

Juicy huh? I meant the jambu.

It's the end of this post, but there will be another post on the Desaru Fruit Farm tomorrow - the last one.

* * *

Will back in Ipoh by tonight, hopefully. Cya all!
Oh yes, and happy holidays!

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