Monday, December 1, 2008

Floral Snapshots XVIII

It's December! Man, time really flies. One more month and it's back to school. I haven't even touched any of my homework yet! *screams*

December's gonna be a hectic month for me. You can refer to my schedule walled just above my chat box. sigh

Mum had gotten herself a pink flower - a daisy i think? Of all colours, pink. *disgusted* So i went photo shooting in the morning, hoping to get the right sunlight. But before that, i tried shooting a red flower. I was trying to find a way to make the pictures of red objects less contrasted.

red flower

I assume that it is the exposure that causes the colour to increase in contrast. Like in this picture, there wasn't much light hitting the object, therefore, less contrast?
Anyways, moving on to the pink flower.

the pink flower

I know, a very poor take. Perhaps it was the colour? I felt that if the background was simply white, leaving only the flower and it's leaf in the picture; plus a coating of fonts that vary from small to big - would make it a slightly better picture. Dunno lah.

the pink flower

It's the same flower. It's a disaster. Is not symmetrical. Slightly off in exposure. Not well-balanced. Wild focus. And last but not least, bad colour. Pfft! It's so bad that i feel like deleting it!
But now, this is the fun thang about art. You can turn a loosing picture into a winning portrait. Look closely. Turn it. Twist it. Crop. Magnify. Rotate.

See whether you can figure out how i turned that picture into this:

Reaching Out
Title; Reaching Out.
The top left looks like hands that are reaching out in response to the drop of water near the right bottom corner. How do you interpret it?

This was cropped, rotated and enhanced - using the Ulead PhotoImpact 11. The best thing about this picture is that it is no long pink! What say you about it??
Here are a couple of random pictures that i've not uploaded before.


Was fiddling about the buttons in the Auto mode. I think i was using the Macro Manual mode? Can't recall.

The Sky

There's a feel to this picture(editted) but i don't know how to describe it. I like the concrete grungy feel on the wall, but it doesn't seem to get along with the easy-going atmosphere of the sky. Hmm...

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