Friday, November 21, 2008

Floral Snapshots XVII

More floral snapshots again! Also taken from my school. Somehow, these pictures aren't very satisfying; especially shots of the hibiscus.


I just recently realized that compact cameras have problems with the color red. Like in this picture, if i were to brighten it up a bit, there would be too much contrast.

Perhaps it only happens to flowers? I wonder whether a dSLR has this sort of problem.


There was no hope in capturing a nice shot of the hibiscus, that's why i shifted the focus point.


I think this is a lily, a spider lily. If you noticed, it is pink in color - the only one among the whites.


I edited this one to bring out the white lily; through saturation. Toned down the background a bit.

Here are some other pictures that i've taken in school also. I've attempted many times on these but they still didn't turn out right. Hmm...

Initially, there were four birds. Each attempt i take minus a bird. If you zoom in this one, you'll see that the bird's kinda blur. Sigh. I need more practice.

When i held my hand out, they remained still. When i waved, they were also still. But when i drew out my camera, they swam away. What the..... I do need more practice!

By the way, i have just started a flickr account! Will be posting up the link soon!

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