Monday, November 10, 2008

Floral Snapshots XV

Nothing would tune me on other than designing. Even so, what i like best is still photography; the inspiration that leads to designing. Almost everyday, one can discover some new forms of art. It's just the matter of whether you're bothered to do so or not.

YokeLin dropped me a comment in Floral Snapshot XIII when i shot a few pictures of mum's blooming cactus.

" for your cactus flower, shoot it under the sun, will give you better effect. Good sunlight is around 9am-11.00am. Try it out.... sure you love it."
I didn't get to do that, though, cause the cactus is currently not in the mood for flowers. So tried to make use of the morning's sunlight instead. This was what i took (the only one that seemed to turn out right) :

Flora in Special Scenes. Zoomed in while using the Macro mode.

Initially, it was a 1800x1200 pic. Until i decided to crop it into a square. What i like best about this picture is the formation of the morning's dew on the flower. Isn't it just refreshing?? It gets better when you zoom in 80%!

I actually have a few more floral pictures similar to this one, but they didn't seem to turn out as i have expected. Perhaps the camera didn't like me as much as i last used it. Aikz. But well, I did take a couple of other plants before discovering these little crystals.

I feel a bit emo-fied when i merge myself into this one.

Size S? M? Or L?

I'd say that it's XS and XXS!

In my previous post, i mentioned that something made me excited. Have you been guessing? Well, i shall reveal what got me so jumpy the whole day!

I was playing around with the macro mode the whole time, zooming in and out to get a clear shot. It was actually a tip from YokeLin. I used this method for all the other pictures in this post. But what thrilled me most was this! *drum roll*

Nothing significant here. Until i zoomed in!


I almost felt like i've discovered treasure! Really! It really does feel amazing to have a picture like this one, seeing the fact that more than half of the pictures are likely to be deleted. I know, it's not really that perfect, but still! Compared with my previous ones! I did try to take another snapshot, but couldn't get a right angle before the droplets rolled off. Hmm...

So now you know what made my day. It is simple things like these that carves an eternal smile. It only takes a little effort to look at things at a different angle. I'll end this post with a last picture. Hehe.

Palm-grib brinjals standing still for me!

That's all for today! More pictures in my upcoming post! Skippin' off.

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