Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dog Stalking Business

I didn't have anything to do. Went out, nothing to snap, until i saw something coming. A stray dog.

Slim? Hehe. A dog doing a cat-walk.

And then it headed to another direction. Hmm...

And back to this side. It was probably as bored as me.

Haih... Ignoring my existence.

And ignoring me the second time. Hmph!

Nevermind about that. I was still bored. Looking back, i saw a bug! And i thought, "Finally! Some macro shots!"

...But i blew it out. Grrr... So blur! Hadn't any mood to continue attempting already. But at the computer, i found this...


I know this is weird. But i can't help it. I was bored.

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