Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dish in a bowl : Three Scoops of Ice-Cream

Scoop 1: Strawberry with cornflakes

Argh. I wanted to update on the ASHR ceremony yesterday but dad was fixing the house's main power switch. Half day gone. Before i knew it, i had to spend the other half day rushing the Sunday School magazine layout. Just great.

Now now now. There is nothing special, really, about this ceremony. I consider it to be something to congratulate myself and to keep my parents happy - for i've completed one of KUMON's program (English). Smiles. I've got nothing much to comment about the ceremony. I should say that it was better than last year's.

One thing that i was not really pleased about was my outfit. Or, to be precised, my three inches pink vincci high heels! Believe it or not, i had to walk across roads and malls with that pretty health killer. I was lucky enough to not feel the pain even though i've walked and stood for almost two and the half hours. Sigh. Initially, i had my sports shoe on + tshirt + pants. But since they thought that we wouldn't reach KL in time and wouldn't have time to change into the formals, i put on my formals immediately. Triple sighs. And what do you know, we had ample time when we reached KL. I wonder how much internal damage have i encountered. Sobs.

* * *

Scoop 2: Minty White Chocolate

Now, the update on yesterday's class party. Not very exciting, not very boring either.
The enrolment was 16 people out of 35 people. Ms. Lau offered a drive to McD to get our orders. Bon, ShanYuen and me got onto her car and headed off to Gunung Rapat's McD - taken most of our orders there but couldn't get the McFlurries - and then to town's McD to get the McFlurries. Yum. Back in school, we past time by playing 'chor dai di', an elegal gambling game. Played without involving any money of course. Aiseh, i believe that i played that game for almost the whole day!

Now, here's the climax of the day. Like i said before, this game became our main activity for the day - which only involved four to six people. Teachers passed our class, even the principal, but we managed to hide our little crime. Firstly, we lied when the discipline teacher asked. Then, i pushed the cards down to the floor when the principal greeted us from the window. Many ways and it seemed so easy to fool the teachers, until Ms Lau and Pn Devi (both discipline teachers) popped in our class without any sign and saw our business. We were doomed! We didn't have time to hide the pile of cards on the table. I thought we were dead meat, until Ms Lau said she's going to give us a chance since it was the class party day. Man, i was even most shocked, for she spoke so gently - even Pn Devi! Wow! We readily obeyed her call and kept the cards immediately! Shocking but yet interesting to see the kind side of the school's sharks.

* * *

Scoop 3: Oreo with Cornetto

I resumed my badminton lesson today with JuEan. But i did something better today. Photography!!!
Suddenly got up at about 7.30a.m. Couldn't return to sleep for i was wide awake. The morning was fresh, like every other mornings. Only thing is that i didn't get to really merge myself into the morning's mode until today. Why? No school today.
Hadn't much to do since the power was out. And so, i decided to take some pictures. Didn't begin well at first. I almost felt like my camera hated me and my hands just wouldn't cooperate! I managed pretty well after that. Couldn't do much of floral photographing - most of 'em are already in my album. I almost retreated until i saw something!

Hehe. Tune in tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow and i'll tell you what made my day!
Skipping off!

ps: Sorry, no pictures for today. Slightly hectic :)

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