Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Johor Trip (Part 4)

I only took a couple of pictures on the fourth day, which was sports day. We were shuffled and grouped. I was the only Perak gal in my group! Sad - but it all was fine for me. They had simple sports games, like the ones we played in primary school - melontar belon, berlari dalam guni, etc. - but it was, of course, harder to play. I entered the mengunyam ketupat competition and won myself the knowledge of making the ketupat. Haha.

Went to two places on the fifth day. Museum Nelayan and Desaru Fruit Farm. It was great in all!

Nicole from Labuan -left, & Tikah from Kelantan -right.

There are more actually. I'll upload the rest tomorrow. Smiles.

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