Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Johor Trip (Part 3)

I believe that i've forgotten to do some explanation about this program. I'm actually not very sure what is it all about, all i know is that i'm going there as a Perak supporter. There were about 14 states who participated and the number of participants were 1000+ or more.

The main event for this program is actually the tourism quiz.

And the contestants representing Perak are Alia, LiTng & SueJean.

Notice that we had the same color of t-shirts? We were actually given three shirts each - blue, green, red - also, a bag, a fan, a cap, tag and a booklet. At the end of the trip, we each received RM50.

The end of the first round. Proceeding into the semi finals.

Perak proceeded into the finals!

We were only one question away from the first place! It was good enough, though, that we got third place.

Our teacher wasn't really content about it. Anyways, we headed home and that was end of day three.

It was a great relieve for all the contestants that night. It's finally over. And so, they could finally sleep well.

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