Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treasure Hunt on 020908

On 2nd of September, we were supposed to have games on that night and the persons-in-charge were me, hoeyin, samuel, and jiyan. Sadly, jiyan couldn't make it. So she could only help out very little. But nevermind about that.

The prepaaration was rather messy and not very organised. As i have planned to have a game of treasure hunt, i had to work real hard in generating ideas for clues, with help from jiyan of course. As i was the gamemaster, i couldn't play the game. Just had to run around, making sure that they don't eat up the other team's clues. Man, i could still feel the crack on my head!

The game is like any other treasure hunt games. In case you've never played any of that sort before, i'll explain briefly. It's actually a game of problem solving, or something like that. You gotta solve one clue to lead you to another clue. And at the end, you'll find your treasure. Similarly, this game that we played has clues and a 'treasure' at the end.

Of course, it would have been boring if it was plainly racing and solving. Spicing up things a little bit, the game was supposed to be played in the dark. Three torchlights for each team; boys vs. girls (by request). Since the clues were based on bible knowledge, they were not allowed to use their bibles except for mine. Which means, they'll need to track me down to get my bible. Hehe

The gal's team

And the guy's.

Hmm... I wonder whether there were any spirits caught in my shots??? Lol.

It was drizzling by the way.
Argh, the shutter speed was really really slow. Can't even take a good picture in the night scene mode.

It was only nine when the game ended. Winner; the boys. And so it was hoeyin's turn to be the gamemaster. His game was indoors, utilising chairs and pillows.

The game goes like this; one is required to walk on the chairs - two teams, each starting on one end - with a pillow held in their arms. When the two opponents meet somewhere in the middle, they'll have to play a game of rock, paper and scissors.

The winner gets a chance of hitting the opponent with the pillow, while the opponent will have to retreat and get down. The loosing team will have to send another member up from the start to face the winning opponent. Once met, rock, paper, scissors will be played again. This goes on until one team reaches the other team's starting point and gains a mark.

Only the guys played, while the girls just sat and watched. It was all amusingly entertaining!




ALVIN & JOEL : One, two, juice!

ALVIN : Oh! I lost! Nevermind.... hit only lah!
JOEL : Ooooffff!

In whole, it was all quite okay i thought. I do hope that the next gamemaster could organise treasure hunt again! By then, i would be able to play it!

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