Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Second Day of September

My uncle came to my house and showed me some of the pictures that his friend took with a DSLR while he was in China. They were fabulous! He had live pictures of the stadium where the Olympics were held just recently.

Besides the pictures, he also brought these:

Any idea what are these??

Yesh! It's the tickets for the opening ceremony! My goodness...! He was actually there!!! Live!!! I didn't thought that he'd go all the way there just to watch it!
He also bought the original CD of the whole opening ceremony from China. Only RM25!!! Dad's gonna burn a copy for me! Yay!

* * *

Dunno why i feel kinda moody today. Tired and slow in thoughts. Sigh. Maybe it's because i've missed waking up late in the mornings?

Oh well, i'm gonna join 'em kittens now. So long!


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