Saturday, September 13, 2008

MabelArtWork : My First Complete Character

I drew a picture during my previous monthly examinations. Didn't thought it would turn out to be like this, since i have not drawn something like this for a quite some time already.

Thought of doing something that i've never done before, which is to color it. I'm never good with colors. Since primary, i've trained myself to draw but whenever i attempt to layer it with the colors, the picture would become a pain to the eye. And because of that, i dislike coloring my artworks. I boldly did it this time because i know i have the option to 'undo' whatever the mistake was.

Played with the PhotoImpact 11 for this artwork. Brightened and contrasted the picture before i started coloring the skin. Chose a fairly light color to give it some softness.

Then i colored the hair. I slightly toned it with brown on some of the edges of the hair, that it may not be too plain.

Then i colored the eye with white. I mixed white, blue and light blue for the dress.

I colored the ribbon then, and shaded some parts of the skin.

The black outline was a little to bold to me. So decided to create some mood by changing it's color to dark brown. Notice the difference?

Like all manga/anime characters, there is always some life in the face. Therefore, i blushed the face lightly and added a very very very light lip color.

Walah! My very first complete anime/manga character!!! As for the curtains and the background, i think leaving them like this is better.


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