Friday, September 19, 2008

Insects and Bugs V

The day retreated into the dark, giving way to the gloomy night. It wasn't completely dark yet when i went to take some pictures in mum's garden. I was actually having dinner; grilled honey chicken wing, when suddenly mum's discovery of a caterpillar was made known to me.
Chucked the wing on the side of the plate, charged in a couple of batt into my camera and shot off! I was so excited!!!

This one's taken with the night scene mode. It wasn't good, as my hands were shaky and the shutter speed was so dang slow (1/25). I had to auto edit this picture. Heh. And so i used the auto mode, with the flash on.

Thought of asking mum to bring this little fella to the light at the porch. Didn't help much either.

I don't really like these stuffs. So geli! *hair stands up*
Hmm... if i'm not mistaken, i believe i have squeezed a caterpillar before when i was around six - with my bare hands. *gulps*

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