Monday, September 15, 2008

Hadn't Done It Before.

A few days ago, i did something i've not done before. Firstly, i used dad's microphone to do some voice clipping on msn. Hush hush, he doesn't have to know this. It wasn't my first time 'borrowing' his stuffs anyways. Hehe.

Secondly, I wore a pair of spectacles while using my laptop. Yup, i've never worn those glassy stuffs until now. Not that i have any problems with my eyes, just wore them to protect my eyes from UV rays(?).

Thirdly, i climbed a ladder til the top!!! I never thought i'd do it, or even manage to do it! Why? Because i'm afraid of heights (even though i have some myself)! Now of course i didn't climb the ladder for nothing. I did it for the sake of photography!

Yesh! I did it to take some pictures of a bird's nest, which was the fourth thang that i've never done before.

Like always, my lower limbs trembled while i can about four feet off the ground. Brrr.... My determination kept me going up and up and up. And finally, i took this shot.

I kept my digital camera;PowerShot A530 in my pocket. As you can see, i was still in my pinafore - too excited to get changed.

As gently as i could, i lifted the bird nest and went down. These are some snapshots that i took!

Due to the fact that i didn't dare climb that ladder again, i placed the nest at a lower level in between mum's red bamboo tree. This way, i would easily check on the little thing, ensuring it's survival?

Hopefully i could see its egg hatch soon! If it does, there will be more photos on that!

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