Saturday, September 27, 2008

Floral Snapshots XIV

Last month when my parents invited me to go 'lepak' in JJ, i decided to bring my camera along. Didn't think i'd do anything with it 'cause they said you're not supposed to take any snapshots in the mall.

I followed my mum to the floral department. As i'm no big fan of flowers or the greens, i do wonder why i don't get bored lookin' at 'em. There were so many beautiful flowers there. I almost felt like i was in Camerons already. And so i pulled out my camera and did what i wanted to do. Hehe.

Like the previous post, this flower's fine lines have drowned. Argh. Moreover, i didn't have the suitable lighting, and therefore had slower shutter speed. Sigh.

Taking macro snapshots is what i like doing best. It seem so easy to me. Heeeh~

What do you think of this flower here? I find to look like a painting or something. This one's the most successful among the others! Not too much contrast. Great tone. Very clear. And best of all,
the lines didn't merge! Woots!

I thought this flower was kinda cute because of the yellow thingy in the middle? I almost persuaded mum to buy it. Hehe. But she said i'd kill it. Aikz.

Couldn't use the 'floral' mode from the 'Special Scenes' because of the lighting. I used the manual mode for both of these shots. The picture is kinda clear but there are some noise in the picture. Crap.

I feel that this is my best-most shot for today! Love it! Another flower that mum refused to buy. It won't survive long, said she. It would be nice if i could put this flower beside my laptop. Drools.

* * *

Now i'm really looking forward to my upcoming church camp to Camerons! Since SzeWei will be able to make it there, we are so gonna enjoy taking pictures up there!

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