Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Floral Snapshots XII

Previously, i have never uploaded the picture of this flower before; even though i've stored it up for quite some time already. It's because there seems to be something wrong with it. Even now, i still feel there's something wrong with the color. It's contrast has covered the fine lines of the flower.

There wasn't any problem with the macro shot. Just a slightly blurry, that's all.

The previous picture is this flower, taken from mum's garden.

There, a last shot of it. See what i mean? The fine lines of the flower seem to have merged into the flower. And i have no idea what caused it.

I hope i can find the cause of it soon. Anyways, two more last snapshots from mum's garden.

Until mum buys more flowers, there would probably be less or no more floral snapshots from her flowery property.

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