Sunday, September 7, 2008

Floral Snapshots XI

Mum said this flower was almost crushed by the wheels of dad's car. Was the only white one. The others were pink, as seen in Floral Snapshots VI. So many flowers are closing up now. I think i would have to relent and hire 'models' of another kind. Hmmm....

I wasn't aware that i was shading it, until i transferred it into my computer. Contrasted it by 20 for this picture, hoping to drown the colors at the back a bit. Didn't help much, though.

Back to the sunny mode already, since i've shifted position. I was trying to include the blue skies into this one, but didn't manage to do a fair one.

I consider this to be my best shot compared with the other two. This was my third attempt shot that turned out clear.

There! A less than 10cm shot in the manual focus mode! Not bad right? If only the blue skies were included in this picture. Heh.

Well, this time i didn't take much shots. The sun was really burnin' through my skin and i was boiling already.
To the shades!

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