Monday, September 1, 2008

Floral Snapshots X

Where's the sun when you need it?? Looks like getting the right amount of light for a snap isn't as easy as i thought. Sometimes i would get leg cramps when i attempt to position myself so that i'd get the right angle AND shade the plant. The hotter it gets, the more my hand trembles. Before you know it, your mood to snap has all evaporated! *Gnashes her teeth!*

"I will keep bloomin'"

Pretty dull huh? This one's the only one that's still bloomin'. Not a very nice picture, since the other flowers behind it are dying.

Everytime i look at this plant, they always seem to be screaming at me. I have no idea why i'd interpret it that way, but yeah. These ones are actually very small. Two third of a five cent coin perhaps? Not so easy to snap this one 'cause they were closing up already.

Another flower that survives by it's own. Nope, mum didn't plant this little one. It's even smaller than the previous flower! It's amazing that such a small plant would have caught my attention. I like this picture most.

Flowering off.

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