Saturday, September 27, 2008

Floral Snapshots XIV

Last month when my parents invited me to go 'lepak' in JJ, i decided to bring my camera along. Didn't think i'd do anything with it 'cause they said you're not supposed to take any snapshots in the mall.

I followed my mum to the floral department. As i'm no big fan of flowers or the greens, i do wonder why i don't get bored lookin' at 'em. There were so many beautiful flowers there. I almost felt like i was in Camerons already. And so i pulled out my camera and did what i wanted to do. Hehe.

Like the previous post, this flower's fine lines have drowned. Argh. Moreover, i didn't have the suitable lighting, and therefore had slower shutter speed. Sigh.

Taking macro snapshots is what i like doing best. It seem so easy to me. Heeeh~

What do you think of this flower here? I find to look like a painting or something. This one's the most successful among the others! Not too much contrast. Great tone. Very clear. And best of all,
the lines didn't merge! Woots!

I thought this flower was kinda cute because of the yellow thingy in the middle? I almost persuaded mum to buy it. Hehe. But she said i'd kill it. Aikz.

Couldn't use the 'floral' mode from the 'Special Scenes' because of the lighting. I used the manual mode for both of these shots. The picture is kinda clear but there are some noise in the picture. Crap.

I feel that this is my best-most shot for today! Love it! Another flower that mum refused to buy. It won't survive long, said she. It would be nice if i could put this flower beside my laptop. Drools.

* * *

Now i'm really looking forward to my upcoming church camp to Camerons! Since SzeWei will be able to make it there, we are so gonna enjoy taking pictures up there!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Floral Snapshots XIII

Whee... another bloomin' cactus! It's not very often to find a cactus with flowers. And most of 'em wouldn't last long, sadly.

This flower here looks as if it was made out of yellow tracing paper. Hehe.

One shot from the top angle.

Had to lay low for this one. My ear was only 3inches above ground. Heh. Didn't thought of putting it on the table.

I wonder whether there are any living creatures living in this cactus? Hmm...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Insects and Bugs V

The day retreated into the dark, giving way to the gloomy night. It wasn't completely dark yet when i went to take some pictures in mum's garden. I was actually having dinner; grilled honey chicken wing, when suddenly mum's discovery of a caterpillar was made known to me.
Chucked the wing on the side of the plate, charged in a couple of batt into my camera and shot off! I was so excited!!!

This one's taken with the night scene mode. It wasn't good, as my hands were shaky and the shutter speed was so dang slow (1/25). I had to auto edit this picture. Heh. And so i used the auto mode, with the flash on.

Thought of asking mum to bring this little fella to the light at the porch. Didn't help much either.

I don't really like these stuffs. So geli! *hair stands up*
Hmm... if i'm not mistaken, i believe i have squeezed a caterpillar before when i was around six - with my bare hands. *gulps*

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Floral Snapshots XII

Previously, i have never uploaded the picture of this flower before; even though i've stored it up for quite some time already. It's because there seems to be something wrong with it. Even now, i still feel there's something wrong with the color. It's contrast has covered the fine lines of the flower.

There wasn't any problem with the macro shot. Just a slightly blurry, that's all.

The previous picture is this flower, taken from mum's garden.

There, a last shot of it. See what i mean? The fine lines of the flower seem to have merged into the flower. And i have no idea what caused it.

I hope i can find the cause of it soon. Anyways, two more last snapshots from mum's garden.

Until mum buys more flowers, there would probably be less or no more floral snapshots from her flowery property.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hadn't Done It Before.

A few days ago, i did something i've not done before. Firstly, i used dad's microphone to do some voice clipping on msn. Hush hush, he doesn't have to know this. It wasn't my first time 'borrowing' his stuffs anyways. Hehe.

Secondly, I wore a pair of spectacles while using my laptop. Yup, i've never worn those glassy stuffs until now. Not that i have any problems with my eyes, just wore them to protect my eyes from UV rays(?).

Thirdly, i climbed a ladder til the top!!! I never thought i'd do it, or even manage to do it! Why? Because i'm afraid of heights (even though i have some myself)! Now of course i didn't climb the ladder for nothing. I did it for the sake of photography!

Yesh! I did it to take some pictures of a bird's nest, which was the fourth thang that i've never done before.

Like always, my lower limbs trembled while i can about four feet off the ground. Brrr.... My determination kept me going up and up and up. And finally, i took this shot.

I kept my digital camera;PowerShot A530 in my pocket. As you can see, i was still in my pinafore - too excited to get changed.

As gently as i could, i lifted the bird nest and went down. These are some snapshots that i took!

Due to the fact that i didn't dare climb that ladder again, i placed the nest at a lower level in between mum's red bamboo tree. This way, i would easily check on the little thing, ensuring it's survival?

Hopefully i could see its egg hatch soon! If it does, there will be more photos on that!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

MabelArtWork : My First Complete Character

I drew a picture during my previous monthly examinations. Didn't thought it would turn out to be like this, since i have not drawn something like this for a quite some time already.

Thought of doing something that i've never done before, which is to color it. I'm never good with colors. Since primary, i've trained myself to draw but whenever i attempt to layer it with the colors, the picture would become a pain to the eye. And because of that, i dislike coloring my artworks. I boldly did it this time because i know i have the option to 'undo' whatever the mistake was.

Played with the PhotoImpact 11 for this artwork. Brightened and contrasted the picture before i started coloring the skin. Chose a fairly light color to give it some softness.

Then i colored the hair. I slightly toned it with brown on some of the edges of the hair, that it may not be too plain.

Then i colored the eye with white. I mixed white, blue and light blue for the dress.

I colored the ribbon then, and shaded some parts of the skin.

The black outline was a little to bold to me. So decided to create some mood by changing it's color to dark brown. Notice the difference?

Like all manga/anime characters, there is always some life in the face. Therefore, i blushed the face lightly and added a very very very light lip color.

Walah! My very first complete anime/manga character!!! As for the curtains and the background, i think leaving them like this is better.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treasure Hunt on 020908

On 2nd of September, we were supposed to have games on that night and the persons-in-charge were me, hoeyin, samuel, and jiyan. Sadly, jiyan couldn't make it. So she could only help out very little. But nevermind about that.

The prepaaration was rather messy and not very organised. As i have planned to have a game of treasure hunt, i had to work real hard in generating ideas for clues, with help from jiyan of course. As i was the gamemaster, i couldn't play the game. Just had to run around, making sure that they don't eat up the other team's clues. Man, i could still feel the crack on my head!

The game is like any other treasure hunt games. In case you've never played any of that sort before, i'll explain briefly. It's actually a game of problem solving, or something like that. You gotta solve one clue to lead you to another clue. And at the end, you'll find your treasure. Similarly, this game that we played has clues and a 'treasure' at the end.

Of course, it would have been boring if it was plainly racing and solving. Spicing up things a little bit, the game was supposed to be played in the dark. Three torchlights for each team; boys vs. girls (by request). Since the clues were based on bible knowledge, they were not allowed to use their bibles except for mine. Which means, they'll need to track me down to get my bible. Hehe

The gal's team

And the guy's.

Hmm... I wonder whether there were any spirits caught in my shots??? Lol.

It was drizzling by the way.
Argh, the shutter speed was really really slow. Can't even take a good picture in the night scene mode.

It was only nine when the game ended. Winner; the boys. And so it was hoeyin's turn to be the gamemaster. His game was indoors, utilising chairs and pillows.

The game goes like this; one is required to walk on the chairs - two teams, each starting on one end - with a pillow held in their arms. When the two opponents meet somewhere in the middle, they'll have to play a game of rock, paper and scissors.

The winner gets a chance of hitting the opponent with the pillow, while the opponent will have to retreat and get down. The loosing team will have to send another member up from the start to face the winning opponent. Once met, rock, paper, scissors will be played again. This goes on until one team reaches the other team's starting point and gains a mark.

Only the guys played, while the girls just sat and watched. It was all amusingly entertaining!




ALVIN & JOEL : One, two, juice!

ALVIN : Oh! I lost! Nevermind.... hit only lah!
JOEL : Ooooffff!

In whole, it was all quite okay i thought. I do hope that the next gamemaster could organise treasure hunt again! By then, i would be able to play it!


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