Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tagging Bullet III

Sometimes, answering tags can be kinda fun. Since what's given are silly questions, can't help providing silly answers as well. But to be frank, it can be pretty annoying at times.

1.what is your favourite chocolate?

Those with low sugar and more cocoa, slightly holding the sweetness in it.

2.what is your 3 favourite colour?
White, Black, Blue.

3.who is the last person you talked to?
In person; my mum.

4.who is the last person you messaged?

5.who was the first person you talked to when you woke up today?
My mum.

6.who is the first person you messaged when you woke up today?
My phone was still asleep. Lol. many messages you received when you woke up today?

8.who messaged you when you woke up today?
No messages, therefore from no one.

9.who do you wanna talk to now?
My bed. Snores.

10.who do you wanna see right now?
My pillow.

11.why do u wanna see that person now?
Because i'm having heavy eyelids.

12.what relationship do you have with that person you wanna see now?
My bus to slumber land.

13.if you could hug someone now, who will it be?
My pillow. Lol. In the case of a person; i ain't tellin'.

14.what are you doing now?
Hanging on to this tag - with annoyance.

15.what colour shirt are you wearing now?
White, mainly.

16.are you attached?
Relationships, no. Friends, plenty.

17.anyone you like?
Nope. No 'like's for the moment. Admiration perhaps?

18.who do you like?

19.what phone are you using?
Samsung SGH-X820 much money do you have in ur wallet now?
5 bucks and a few cents.

21.what do you love looking at?
Colors. And my computer screen.

22.who is the last guy you hugged?
Hmm.. Uncle Murray? Lol.

23.if you can choose to do something now, what would you do?
Migrate, away to the neighbouring lands. are you feeling now?
Drowsy. Annoyed, rather. Snores.

25.if u can turn back time 3 times, where will it be?
- Kindergarden. *oh, the nostalgic feeling*
- 3year old child. You never have to worry about anything but the cane.
- My parent's wedding. A zero chance of my lifetime.

26.who are you thinking of?
Myself. Sleeping.

27.what are the 3 things you want to forget?
- My friends' faults. (have already forgotten - didn't attempt on storing them anyways.)
- My name? Lol. Wonder how would things flow after that.
- My unwanted and unexpected pain.

28.who makes you happy?
Who you ask? My friends of course. Most of all, my parents.

29.what is next to you?
My phone, camera, mouse.

30.last show you watched?
The news? *shrugs* many people are you talking to now?
No one. Just chatting.

32.if you can change something in your life, what will it be?
My bad habits. you have pets?
Had some.

34.what do you feel like eating now?
Eating up my school days.

35.who are the 7 people you tag?
Zzz... [i shall skip this question]

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