Monday, August 25, 2008

SMC Chess Club T-shirt '08

Yes! I have finally receive my school t-shirt today! It is the t-shirt of the SMK Convent, Ipoh Chess Club. I am so very happy!

"Me wearing it!"

It's a black baby-t with silver printings. There is a couple of buttons at the front and has a classical t-shirt collar.

"The back of the shirt"

This is the first, the very first! I have attempted twice before this a few years ago - was rejected. Now, behold! My very first!

"Have a closer look"

I know, it's not something amazing, but i just can't help feelin' excited about this. I mean, having failed twice, draining away all the hard work, i think i am pretty much contented right now.

"The front; something like a logo perhaps."

Of course, even a simple design like this has a complicated process in between. At least now i have more confidence in designing a new one; as i now know what to expect, what to face and what to prepare. Despite the datelines that drew me to the state of tension and stress, i do cherish it all.

"Look look! My name on the left sleeve!"

Now i'd like to try designing a colored t-shirt. I hope it will be as good, or maybe better!

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