Friday, August 22, 2008

Out of The House

I can finally step out of my house and have a day of my own after 6 days of no where to go! Went out with JuEan today and i almost drained all the energy outta me! Pooh!

To start of with, the day was cooling. The sun wasn't up yet and there is only one thing to do, which is to take an advantage! Batteries, checked. SD card, checked. Targets, checked. Ready to shoot for the day!

The focus was placed on the fore-most flower. But somehow the others are blurred.

Second shot. I actually wanted to focus on the flower with the water drop. So i'm not so sure whether having the others in a blurry state is right or not.

So i moved on to just a single flower instead. And there were water drops too, tiny ones!

The sun has then arisen and i couldn't do anything else but retreat.

Went to Tesco, wanting for a haircut at first. But the hairstylist wasn't there. And so we went to JJ for a short walk - but not for long 'cause we decided to watch a movie instead. "Meet Dave" became our movie selection, even though we were already 20minutes late. We enjoyed the movie anyways. Solutes to Eddie Murphy!
A brilliant show it is.

We walked back to Tesco and had our hair styled accordingly. Contented, we called the cab and went off to parade; in hunt of a new sling bag for JuEan and a new purse and a watch for myself.
It was nine bucks. Didn't bother much though, not that it's not expensive. We just accept the fact that taxi drivers have to earn a living too.

I bought my 3rd manga for the month. So lucky to get it since it's drawn by one of my favourite shoujo manga artist! No objections from JuEan this time. Woots! Went to almost every stall that we had bags which were not made of PVC, but none were suitable. I was as desperate as her in finding a new wallet. She relented and gave up in searching.

We went back to the ground floor and saw discounts from B.U.M. Got ourselves a necklace each and cheered up. Then we decided to kill time by walking up and down, going through every purse that were displayed. Went to the same floors again and again. Pooh! It all came to a halt when i finally found the purse that's right for me. Kinda pricey actually, but nevermind - it's once and for all.

Headed home, and i felt like i broke my lower limbs! No new time-displayer for me, but nevermind. Most of the items in my shopping list are checked anyways.
Tiring out!

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